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Why you should grab this Apple Watch Prime Day deal rather than wait for the Apple Watch 8

When a product is updated every year, there’s always a time of year when people start to wonder if it’s wiser to just wait for the new version, even if the old one starts to appear. in sales.

That might be the exact question you’re asking this Prime Day, as the Apple Watch Series 7 lineup has been reduced by up to 19% in some cases, and yet we expect the Apple Watch Series 8 to be launched in September or October. .

The new watch will no doubt feature a few improvements over the Series 7, but anything game-changing is unlikely to come to the Series 8. Rumors abound that there will be a new, larger and more robust version of the watch. better suited to the great outdoors, but that seems unlikely and even if it does it will struggle to dethrone sports watches like Garmin, Polar and Coros.

Other rumors suggest that the new watch will have temperature sensors on board, which is a nice update but hardly worth keeping. Other health features expected to come to the Apple Watch at some point include the ability to measure blood sugar and blood pressure, but that kind of advanced technology is likely still several years away.

In fact, the biggest upgrade to the Apple Watch lineup this year will actually come in the watchOS 9 software update which is also rolling out to the Series 7. This will add a triathlon mode, as well as a series of other enhancements to sports tracking, including the ability to measure running power from the wrist, SWOLF scores for swimmers, and customizable running workouts.

Apart from sports tracking upgrades, watchos 9 will also improve sleep tracking on the watch, allowing you to see your night’s stages broken down into REM, deep, and light sleep.

For many people, ourselves included, these software updates are way more useful than anything we’re likely to see on the Apple Watch Series 8, so go ahead and grab the Series 7 in the Prime Day sale.