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Why this Apple Watch 7 discount is the best Memorial Day deal (so far)

Good news if you just woke up – Amazon (opens in a new tab) and best buy (opens in a new tab) have reduced the price of the Apple Watch Series 7 by $70. This brings the price of the smaller 41mm model to $329.99 and the 45mm model to $359.99.

It’s a great discount – the best we’ve seen – and the Apple Watch is definitely in its class.

The Apple Watch, as you’re probably tired of hearing, is good. It is very good. I have edited reviews of Apple watches from series 3 onwards and it is getting better day by day with each generation.

But how good it is, you have to experience. I’ve worn smartwatches from Fitbit, Garmin, Samsung, Mobvoi, Huawei, and Honor, but it wasn’t until recently that I had the chance to try an Apple Watch. The whole experience is much smoother, and it doesn’t suffer from the little frustrations and sticking points I’ve found that can plague some smartwatches.

CoachLead writer Nick Harris-Fry can also attest to the accuracy of sports tracking. In his Apple Watch Series 7 review, he called the heart rate monitor “impressively accurate for a wrist monitor” and the GPS “exceptionally reliable.”

I can’t guarantee that yet because I’m not ready to ditch my personal Garmin and derail my training status. Still… (speaking of Garmin, we’ve also collected Garmin Memorial Day sales if you’re more looking for a bargain-priced running watch). However, the Apple Watch automatically retrieved the runs saved on my Garmin and updated my activity goals accordingly.

On top of that, a three-month trial of the Apple Fitness+ workout app is included (four months if you buy from Best Buy). It’s a seamless experience and, most importantly, works effortlessly between devices – and we could all spend less time scratching our heads over technology that won’t play ball.

On top of that deal, there’s a $30 discount on the more affordable Apple Watch SE from Best Buy (opens in a new tab) and others.