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When baby girl cries, Apple Watch warns dad of ‘noisy environment’ and ‘hearing loss’

A from father Apple Watch’s response to its crying little girl East go viral to Reddit.

Smartwatches are great for tracking steps, sleep quality, and a host of other personal metrics. The Apple Watch uses the Noise app to measure sound levels throughout the day.

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According to Apple, “If the three-minute average sound level reaches or exceeds a chosen decibel threshold, your Apple Watch can notify you.” The feature has proven somewhat useful when a dad to Reddit cared for her crying baby. He shared a photo of a notification he received from the Noise app.

The image show the father’s Apple Watch on his wrist in the foreground, with his crying baby girl in the background.

“Noisy environment. Sound levels reached 90 decibels. About 30 minutes at this level can cause temporary hearing loss,” the watch said. noted.

“Thanks Apple. I’ll let him know,” the dad wrote in the legend.

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The hilarious juxtaposition in the image received over 176,000 upvotes on Reddit.

“Looking on the bright side. In 30 minutes it will feel calmer! a user joked.

“At one point our baby’s cries were so loud and shrill that they triggered the glass break sensor in our alarm,” someone said. share.

“I’ve always held my babies in my left arm so I could do things with my right hand (like prepare anything they needed to stop crying). As a result, I can’t hear well on that side If I’m ever in the passenger seat of a car, I have to turn to face the driver to hear it,” one person commented.

“As someone with a 3 week old and an Apple Watch, I feel that in my soul,” another noted.

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