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What we know and what I expect from the Apple Watch Series 8 (review)

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For my part, you will always see me saying wonderful things about the Apple Watch. It seems to me one of the best devices on the market today. In its category, I don’t think there is one that comes close. Among all the Apple devices, I have serious doubts whether to give it the first or second position. I hesitate with the iMac. But they are so different and focused on such different things that they could share this pole position. The fact is that, without delay, we will have Apple Watch Series 8 and that’s what there is so far and what I expect from this new model.

Apple Watch Series 8 Rumors

While there’s still enough left for the new Apple Watch Series 8 to come to the fore, we already have it on the table. some rumorswhich can give us an idea of ​​what we can see in the new model:

  • More resistant and intended for athletes which give the watch a use in which more power is needed. Resistance not only to shocks but also to water.
  • New health features. This is one of the reasons why I consider the Apple Watch to be one of the best Apple devices. The functions to take care of ourselves and take care of the most precious thing we have, health, are priceless. How many news have we read that the Apple Watch saved such and such a life. It’s incredible. Rumors indicate that we could see blood pressure measurement, a thermometer for fertility and sleep monitoring, sleep apnea screening and diabetes screening.
  • Improvements in the activity monitoring

  • Being a new model, it will have a faster and newer chip.
  • Now almost the best. Three new models. An Apple Watch Series 8 with all these features. An Apple Watch SE more sober in features but just as good and a new model for athletes. Let Garmin or Polar shake.

What do I expect from the new Apple Watch this 2022

All the rumors we just read are very good, but Is this what we want? or we would really like to have other features.

Considering the evolution of the Apple Watch Series 7, it is a watch that I really like. It is true that I still have the 6 series, because although the 7 has more screen, it is not something that attracted me enough to change the model. It should also be recognized that you cannot change every model year. By power you can, but I don’t think it should.

On the other hand, some functions of those previously talked about, if they tip the balance so that it changes and acquires the 8 series. For example, if it brings us these new functions in Health, with new sensors, well sure that’s something I wish he had. This should not make the watch bulkier or heavier. Therein lies the grace of the Apple Watch.

One of the features I would like to see in this new model is the ability to detect traffic accidents and that it could connect with emergency services to notify them. In these circumstances, time is short and every precaution is little.

Now, which would be truly amazing, which would completely break the market. what would be a buying stimulus for any skeptics is that The battery lasts at least three days. Why? How are we going to have a serious follow-up, for example, of the night’s rest, if we have it in the charger, even for two hours? If I leave it at night, it doesn’t come to me at noon… A disaster in this area.

What are the most advanced athletes, trainers and users waiting for in these Apple Watch battles?

The watch has the ability that with so many sensors, it is able to monitor different aspects of sports. Nevertheless, for moderate users or who don’t want complex metrics, the Apple Watch can do a “workaround”. But for those who are sporty and like to analyze data and consumption, the Apple Watch is an apprentice.

American society, I doubt you want to get into this. Although rumors indicate that there could be an Apple Watch Series 8 sports watch and I’m not talking about Nike, I doubt it can measure or set patterns or workouts like a Garmin or Polar. But it can break the market, because it is this segment of sports watches, it is perhaps the one that provides the most indicators without being high-end and this, with the fact that it can also be used , for example, at a wedding, gives a lot of play.

To resume

I wish the rumors of an Apple Watch Series 8 with all these new features come true. But I’ll settle for a battery that lasts longer.

If finally having a sports watch is overjoyed, I’d rather they put all the meat on the grill and don’t just release a more robust version of a standard Apple Watch.