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What we already know about the Apple Watch Series 8

You don’t have to wait until September to get the details on the next-gen Apple Watch. Many of them have already fled.

Here’s what to expect from the upcoming Series 8 and a new “extreme sports” Apple Watch. An updated Apple Watch SE is also supposedly in sight.

Apple Watch Rumors: Looking Ahead

Long gone are the days when Tim Cook and Co. could unveil a new product and expect everyone to be surprised. The leaks reveal plenty of details about the upcoming iPhones and MacBooks long before they launch. This is also true for the Apple Watch 2022 lineup.

These unconfirmed reports are helpful for consumers deciding if they want to wait for the Series 8 this fall or if they would be happier with a Series 7 purchased now at a bargain price.

That said, the leaks on Apple’s upcoming wearable devices are somewhat sketchy and sometimes contradictory. And we certainly don’t know as much about the next bigger, beefier model as we’d like.

Apple Watch Series 8: don’t expect big changes

It’s not the year of big changes to the standard Apple Watch. According to the latest information, the 8-series will have the same design as the 2021 model, with the usual 41mm and 45mm sizes to choose from.

This is consistent with the scarcity of rumors. Most leaks come from Apple’s component suppliers, often because someone noticed a design difference. This will not happen if the Series 8 components look a lot like the Series 7 parts.

There will supposedly be no titanium option for Apple Watch Series 8. The aluminum version will be available in midnight, starlight, red and silver, while the stainless steel version will be available in silver and graphite. It’s less color options than before.

The Apple Watch Series 8 is expected to run on a new Apple S8 chip… but the processor is supposed to offer roughly the same performance as last year’s S7 chip.

Despite a limited number of changes, the laptop will not be identical to its predecessor. The Series 8 is rumored to feature a body temperature sensor. This supposedly won’t give a specific number, but rather will support reproductive health features and warn carriers that they might have a fever.

Apple Watch SE 2 will be an equally minor tweak

Apple would unveil an updated Apple Watch SE alongside the Series 8. That’s no surprise, as the original was released in 2020.

But the new model is expected to keep the same design as its predecessor in 40mm or 44mm sizes.

The big change will supposedly be the aforementioned Apple S8 chip.

All attention is on the Apple Watch Pro

Many people wear an Apple Watch for health and fitness, and Apple is reportedly preparing a model designed for hardcore athletes. Leaks indicate that Apple will call it Explorer Edition or Pro.

The device will supposedly be made of titanium to be sturdier and sport a larger battery for longer workouts. And it will have the largest screen yet in a wearable watchOS: around 7% larger than the largest Series 7 model.

Expect him to have…everything. The latest processor, the new temperature sensor, everything.

Coming in September for… how much?

All sources indicate that the Apple Watch Series 8, Apple Watch SE and Apple Watch Pro/Explorer Edition will arrive in September, as usual, alongside the iPhone 14 lineup.

Sadly, no tipster has been able to say anything definitive about the pricing of any of the three 2022 Apple Watch models. But given that the Series 8 and SE 2 only look like slightly improved versions of their predecessors, it could prove difficult for Apple to justify a significant price increase, despite inflationary pressures. If that’s how it works, the Series 7 will start around $399 while the base SE 2 model will be around $279.

But the Apple Watch Explorer Edition (or Pro or whatever it’s called) will be entirely new – and likely more expensive. Titanium Series 7 versions start at $799, so expect the next rugged model to cost at least that much.

These wearables will almost certainly debut alongside watchOS 9, which places a heavy emphasis on new fitness features. After the unveiling of the iPhone/Apple Watch in September, the company would discontinue the Apple Watch Series 3, a move long overdue.