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What is the best Apple Watch Ultra band?

Apple has unveiled the new Trail Loop, Alpine Loop, and Ocean Band for the Apple Watch Ultra, but choosing the best band depends on the use case.

The Apple Watch Ultra is a rugged smartwatch designed for extreme sports and outdoor exploration, but which strap is best paired with the new device? For years, the Apple Watch has been a go-to option for health and fitness tracking in the smartwatch space. It has a fairly large collection of sensors and tight integration with the Apple ecosystem. But for most serious athletes, the Apple Watch lagged behind dedicated sports watches. Power users were looking for a larger screen, more durable build, and longer battery life – and often looked to other brands to meet their needs. Apple finally addressed these concerns with the Apple Watch Ultra, which sits at the top of the Apple Watch lineup.


So, what’s new with the Apple Watch Ultra? At its core, the rugged smartwatch is similar to previous iterations of the Apple Watch. For that reason, it sounds familiar, but the Apple Watch Ultra is improved in a way that matters to serious athletes. It has a larger 49mm case and an action button for quick access during workouts and intense activities. Plus, it meets military-grade durability standards and is water-resistant to the point of being a recreational dive computer. To use the Apple Watch Ultra to its full potential, the right band is needed and Apple has designed three new bands for use with the flagship smartwatch.

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The three new groups of Apple Watch Ultra – the Trail Loop, Alpine Loop and Ocean Band – are all for different types of outdoor activities. The Trail Loop is very similar to the Sport Loop, but is significantly thinner and lighter. In fact, Apple claims the Trail Loop is the thinnest Apple Watch band yet. It’s flexible enough to fit securely but also comfortably, and there’s a new tab for quick adjustments. As a thin, light and comfortable strap, the Trail Loop is the perfect choice for runners and cyclists.

Ocean and Alpine bands feature all-new designs

The Ocean and Alpine straps feature entirely new designs. The Ocean Band is a flexible, rubbery band that has a tubular design, which Apple says helps provide a secure fit. It is designed for water sports and fits securely over a wetsuit or rashguard. The band is molded through a type of flexible synthetic rubber, but locks in place with a titanium buckle. As the name suggests, the Ocean Strip is ideal for extreme water sports, swimming and recreational diving.

The Alpine Loop is arguably the most eye-catching of the three new bands, and that’s down to its two-layer design. The band is created by a continuous weaving process, which is completed with no sewing required. The top strap loop is used to adjust the Apple Watch Ultra, while a titanium G-hook secures it in place. The alpine loop is visually appealing and a great option for climbers and hikers. Apple’s Trail, Ocean and Alpine groupsets are all great pairings for the Apple Watch Ultrabut the best choice ultimately comes down to the wearer’s specific use cases.

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