Watches We Recommend. Our Favorite Running Watches

In an earlier post we selected our best running watch out of a collection of high-level watches. But the problem with a best-of-the-best choice is that to pick just one great sports watch leaves out a lot of well deserving contendors that are great running watches in their own right, so in this article we hope to ammend this by giving due recognition to all those well deserving running watches who missed out in the past.

These watches, while having their differences share one common thing. Regardless of features and price, they are all great running watches, that deliver on the features that runners need.

Some will be simpler than others, some will cost more and many of these watches excel in a specific area. A watch’s individual strengths (and weaknesses) should always be taken into account before making your purchase.

So without further ado, we present to you, our favorite running watches.

Advanced Running

The following watches are top-line watches, targted at advanced runners. The watches in this section to have higher price tags and learning curves, but have the most advanced features money can buy.

Garmin Forerunner 610 – Advanced, fully customizable GPS running watch with tap screen technology

Garmin Forerunner 410 – Advanced, Fully Customizable GPS Running Watch

Garmin FR60 – Advanced, footpod speed & distance running watch

Polar RS300X

Suunto Training Series t3c Computer Running Watch

Advanced Running & Multisport Watches

The watches in this area are advanced sports watches, specifically designed to accomodate more than one sport, making them ideal for multisport triathletes or duathletes as well as runners, cylclists and swimmers (note that the Forerunner 305 is somewhat waterproof, but is NOT designed with swimming in mind).

Garmin Forerunner 310XT – Multisport GPS watch, the ultimate advanced watch for triathletes, runners and cylists

Timex Global Trainer Watch – Multisport watch for competitive triathletes, runners and cyclists

Garmin Forerunner 305 GPS Runners Watch

Running Watches With Basic Features

Don’t need a lot of advanced features, but DO want a basic running watch with the features runners need? In this section you will find basic running watches, with features for competitive runners at cheaper prices. Not however, most of these watches do not support a heart rate monitor or speed and distance measuring. But you will find watches that have a basic sports chronograph with lap and splits, a reasonable amount of laps and countdown and/or interval timers.

Timex Men’s Ironman Sleek Triathlon 150-Lap Running Watch

Timex Men’s FLIX 100-Lap Running Watch

Timex Women’s Sleek 50-Lap Digital Running Watch

The list above are all great running watches, but are by no means a complete list. We will endevor to keep this list up to date, so you can use it as a quick guide to get you thinking about running watch options.

Whatever your budget and requirements, you should be able to find a running watch amongst the ones listed here, however there are runners watches at an even higher end of the market that do much more than the ones listed here.

We will cover them another time, for those who are seeking the maximum analytical performance in an activities watch.

We will also endevor to add to this collection when we find new running watches that we think would make suitable additions.

Response to “Watches We Recommend. Our Favorite Running Watches

Hi Johan,

SportsWatchInformant.Com sells the Forerunner 305 through Unfortunately a lot of products on Amazon can only be shipped to certain countries. If you find the Forerunner 305 on Amazon is not shipped to George then the next best place on the internet to look is On ebay You will find a lot of private auctions and sellers who are more flexible with their shipping policies.


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