10 Low Priced Jogging Watches | Cheap Running Watches for Basic Stopwatch Sports Timing

Perhaps the most important piece of running equipment after shoes and shorts is the running watch. With a watch you can record how long your runs take and compare your times against past efforts. Using time as a benchmark, you can use your digital stopwatch to determine if you are getting faster and fitter.

Digital sports watches handy too, when competing in an event such as a fun run, or even multi-sport events involving other activities like running, swimming (if the watch is sufficiently waterproof), skiing, rowing and bike riding.

If you are starting out then you are probably looking for a cheap running watch.

If you are wondering what is the best watch to buy, here are a few tips on choosing the right cheap digital watch:

  • Ensure that has a clear, readable screen that is viewable at an arm’s length – the digits should be large and clear enough that they are comfortable to read while running
  • The buttons should be easy to press while on the run
  • A cheap sports watch for running should cost no more than $35 USD and in most cases you canl expect to pay around $15 USD

Want some suggestions?

We have compiled a list of our 10 favorite discount watches for runners.

To quickly recap, these watches don’t have many advanced features.

If you are looking for a discount running watch that is a little more advanced, visit our top 10 favorite cheap running watches with running features. These will cost a little extra, but all support session/lap recall and interval timers.

But if you just want something “cheap and dirty” to get you going quickly, the featured watches on this page will do the job quite nicely for basic stopwatch timing.

Top 10 Discount Running Watches For Men and Women

This Timex1440 is a cheap men’s watch that integrates technological innovations with contemporary details. Featuring a large digital display that is suitable for both casual wear and sporting activities, the Timex 1440 watches are one of the industry’s best affordable time-pieces.Indiglo Night-Light24-Hour Chronograph24-Hour Countdown TimerDual Time Zone & Daily AlarmWater Resistant – 50 Meters (165 Feet)2 Year Battery LifeOne-Year Warranty
Fitness smart women have really taken to the Timex Magnetism 1440 ladies sports watch – a sleek, svelte and nicely shaped watch designed for small wrists. The Magnetism presents a clear digital display that is easily viewed while on-the-move.Both stylish and affordable, the Magnetism can as easily be worn in the gym as it can with casual dress.Indiglo Night-Light24-Hour ChronographDual Time Zone & Daily AlarmWater Resistant – 50 Meters (165 Feet)2 Year Battery LifeOne-Year Warranty

Price: $19.95


The Timex Marathon watch may cost a little more than the Magnetism, but it offers a few extra niceities. In addition to the standard Timex 24 hour stopwatch the Marathon features 10-12 preset timers with runaround alert plus a pulse heart rate calculator and graph indicator.

In terms of size and looks, the Marathon will suit a feminine wrist and looks the part both on the sports field or in your casual day-to-day life. Buy this watch if you can benefit from more sports features than the 1440 watches.

  • Indiglo Night-Light
  • 24-Hour Chronograph with Runaround Alert
  • Pulse Calculator and Bar Graph Indicator
  • Daily Alarm & Day Display & Dual Time Zones
  • Water Resistant – 50 Meters (165 Feet)
  • One-Year Warranty
CASIO MEN’S DIGITAL SPORT WATCH W756B-1AVThe Casio W756B-1AV is a cheap mens watch that looks and is robust enough to take a beating as you would expect from a Casio sports watch. In addition to a basic stop watch, the W756B-1AV features down-time recording which is quite useful when stopped at traffic lights or when otherwise interrupted. This watch also features 9 countdown timers which makes it suitable for interval training workouts. While this cheap black watch might be a handful for the beginner, once mastered the extra features are a nice addition at a supurb price, plus it features an ultra-long lasting battery.Stopwatch with 1/100 sec accuracy. Elapsed time, event timer, injury timerAuto LED Light with AfterglowWorld Time – 29 Time Zones (48 cities)9 Interval Counliown TimersDaily Alarm & Hourly Chime10 Year Battery sports timerWater Resistant to 100m (330 feet)


One for the ages, this model Casio watch has been in production for years and features the original retro design – an affordable, durable, water-resistant timepiece constructed without unnecessary buttons or frills, the LA11WB-1 is a cheap sport watch that is perfect for the woman who wants to get down to running, without fuss or nonsense.

  • Water Resistant
  • Daily Alarm
  • Counliown Timer
  • 24 hour Stopwatch with 1/100 second accuracy
  • Hourly Time Signal
  • Auto Calendar
  • Accuracy: +/-30 seconds per month
  • Battery SR1116W
  • Approx. battery life: 2 years


While the button configuration on this watch might take a bit longer to get used to, the watch works and looks great. Of all the discount running watches for men, the Freestyle Rockway 712011 features 30-lap memory per session, an especially useful function for the beginner who might, in future want to try some interval training sessions. At $50.00 on Amazon this discount mens watch is a steal for the runner who wants a few extra feature.

  • 30 Lap Memory
  • Chronograph & Counliown Timer
  • Dual Time & Alarm
  • Night Vision Backlight Display
  • Durable Polyurethane Strap
  • Water resistance to 100 meters (330 feet)


The snug fitting Nike Triax WR0124-001 features a unique angle and S-shape that allows for optimal viewing while on the move, making this one of the more ergonomically friendly among the discount running watches. The chronograph keeps a running time and stores up to 10 laps. The five interval timers also allow you to set goal times and compare your actual times against them. This watch is perfect for runners at a beginner or intermediate level.

  • Data mode tallies Total Time, Lap Times, and Best and Average Laps
  • 10-lap Chronograph
  • One Touch Backlighting
  • Five Interval Timers
  • Water resistance to 100 meters (330 feet)
  • 2 Year Warranty


We would be hard pressed NOT to include a Timex Ironman on a list of discount running watches. The Timex Ironman has a 20 year track record originating from the Hawaiian Ironman Triathlon Event when it aquired the “Ironman” brand back in 1986. Today Ironman watches are the best selling sports time-pieces and for good reason. The Ironman watches have an intuitive design that has been proven over the years, suiting both beginners and those who want to move up to an intermediate level.

  • Top pusher gives easy access to lap and split times
  • INDIGLO® Night-Light with Night-Mode
  • Stopwatch, 30-lap recall, 99-lap counter
  • 24-hour counliown timer
  • Alarms, Reminders & Dual Time-Zone
  • Water resistance to 100 meters (330 feet)


If you seek a discount mens watch that is the center of attention, the Armitron Men’s Chronograph Sport watch may be for you with two distinctly loud color schemes in options – red or blue. Buy this watch for it’s looks. At US on Amazon, the Armitron 40-6769 watches make a great starter watch, but you will probably want to upgrade when you get into more advanced training.

  • Instalite Night Vision Display
  • Chronograph Mode, 1/100th of a sec accuracy with Lap/Split operation
  • Counliown Timer
  • Day of week, Date and 12 or 24 hour time
  • Dual Time Zones
  • 24 Hour Alarm
  • Hourly Chime
  • Water Resistant to 50m (165 feet)


This cute looking digital sports watch from Armitron is a discount ladies sports watch that is simple, stylish and delivers on the basic functions. Buy this watch for it’s looks, it is a great model to get you started on your running and fitness program.

  • Instalite Night Vision Display
  • Chronograph Mode, 1/100th of a sec accuracy with Lap/Split operation
  • Day of week, Date and 12 or 24 hour time
  • Dual Time Zones
  • 24 Hour Alarm
  • Hourly Chime
  • Water Resistant to 50m (165 feet)

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