Timex Men’s Ironman Triathlon 42-Lap Combo Analog Digital Dress Watch T56371/T56381


  • Analog Movement with Digital Display
  • Chronograph with 42-Lap Recall
  • 2x Interval Timers
  • Luminiscent hands

These Timex Watches are men’s sport watches with a subtle difference from most regular sports watches.

The dual-tech feature of the T56371 and T56381 watches enable you to turn off the digital screen so that your watch takes on the appearance of a classy looking dress watch. Digital mode can be be switched on at a press of a button to allow you to enjoy the benefits of Timex’s signature Ironman Triathlon multi-function, performance digital sports watch features.

For all intents and purposes this watch is a regular Timex Ironman Watch with the ability to transition into dress watch mode in casual settings like out on the town or in the office.

The features offered in this sports watchare typical Ironman fare:

  • 24-hour chronograph with lap or split option
  • 42-lap memory recall
  • 2 Interval Timers settable up to 100 minutes with Countdown/Repeat
  • 2 Alarms
  • Dual Time Zones
  • INDIGLO Night-Light
  • Forward or backward setting
  • Reverse display
  • 12/24 hour time. Month/day/date
  • Water resistant to 100 meters (330 feet)
  • One-Year Warranty

This versatile hybrid timepiece has striking luminous hands, the silver T56371 watch model was made famous by it’s appearance in the blockbuster movie Stranger than Fiction, but be aware the watch’s LCD display is enhanced in the film to present clearer graphics. The actual watch is a simple 9 segment per character LCD alphanumeric mode display with three data lines and some special-indicators.

The analog and digital watches also keep separate times and are not synced together as they were in the movie. The scene where Howard is fixing his time with just the analog dial is not accurate, but nevertheless at $89.95 on Amazon, the Dual Tech watches represent superb value for the athlete seeks a unique mix of class and performance.

Dear all,
I am truly a wrist watch lover and this watch is a very good watch with all the features that one want in his watch,water resistant so that you can easily wear it while taking a shower or diving.

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