Timex GPS Speed & Distance T5E701 – Cheap GPS Tracking Watch


  • 100-Lap Memory with Recall of Bodylink system data
  • Navman “3D” GPS Sensor. displays Speed and Distance Data
  • Metric, English or Nautical units
  • 3-mode Countdown Timer

Timex watches that are compatible with the accurate Navman GPS sensor display real-time Speed and Distance information during your sessions and allow you to set pace alerts that notify you when your are running too slow or too fast and distance alerts that trigger an alarm when you have covered a specified distance.

Weighing in at just 2.7 ounces, the GPS sensor is a little smaller than a portable MP3 player and can be attached externally – securely fastened to your upper arm – with a comfortable strap, or clipped to your running shorts. The sensor continuously tracks the GPS signal for 13 hours before the battery needs replacing, transmissiting digitally to the watch piece. The sensor uses Coded FM transmission to prevent interference from exercise equipment and power lines.

The Ironman T5E701 watch caters to serious and profession runners and has most of the features runners need, including 100-laps of memory storage, a clear, digital display with two data lines and countdown timer feature.  Unfortunately this watch does not have Interval Timer Mode, a feature that would offer seriously benefits to runners wishing to perform alternating timed training cycles such as sessions of3 minutes hard/2 minutes easy, then repeated – although probably not something that all athletes require consider if this is important to you.

The watch also features a continuous odometer that tallies up the total distance for a workout or group of workouts – a nice touch. While the watch piece is water resistance to 100 meters, Triathletes and Swimmers will be disappointed to know, the sensor, while splash-resistant, is NOT designed for use in water.

Being a Timex Triathlon Ironman Watch, you can expect this sports watch to be durable and reliable offering all the Ironman features including dual-time zones, separate daily, weekly and weekend alarmsINDIGLO night-light with NIGHT-MODE feature.

Timex Data Recorder Compatibility

If you wish to have your data recorded and downloaded to your PC for later analysis, the T5E701 watch is compatible with the Timex Data Recorder, which interfaces Heart Rate Monitor and GPS devices and records session data.

The Data Recorder includes the following Features:

  • Recording of multiple workouts
  • Simultaneously collection of Heart Rate and Speed + Distance data from Heart Rate Sensor and GPS Sensor
  • Stores:
    • 72 hours of heart rate data
    • 26 hours of speed and distance data, and
    • 14 hours of combined heart rate and speed and distance data
  • Easily clips onto your shorts or slips into your pocket
  • Timex Trainer software with USB cable
  • Navigational data includes altitudeelevationlatitudelongitudeascent and descent data
  • 2 Year battery life
  • Splash-resistant case

Please Note: The Timex Data Recorder is only compatible with Microsoft Windows 98SE, ME, 2000, XP and Vista operating systems.

Starting at $99.00 on Amazon , the T5E701 is a seriously good starter option for serious or professional athletes, who seek to add timedistance and pace tracking on top of standard sports watch features.

This watch is currently available for ordering on Amazon in two configuration options, with and without the Timex Data Recorder:

  • Timex Ironman 100-Lap Speed + Distance Watch T5E701 (from $99.99 USD)

  • Timex Ironman 100-Lap Speed + Distance Watch T5E701 with Timex Data Recorder (from $179.97 USD)

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