The Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor Fitness Watch With Fat Burning Zone Indicator

The Polar FT7 heart rate monitor watch is a watch that helps you balance your training activities between exercises that burn fat and workouts where you’re aiming to improve your level of fitness. The FT7 Polar watch has the ability to notify you of which area you are improving at your current intensity level. The sports watch features the ENERGYPOINTER feature that gives you an indication of whether you are training at an effective intensity to achieve a fitness gain, or at lower intensity that is more suited to burning calories and losing weight. Here is a brief Polar FT7 heart rate monitor review that outlines the primary features of the watch.

The Polar Heart rate monitor FT7 watch adds to the features found in the FT4 watch including in addition to the ENERGYPOINTER feature, improved memory that maintains a training diary log in the memory of the watch including weekly and daily summaries. The Polar FT7 watch has the ability to display calories burned and ha a heart rate monitor chest strap that can provide real-time info to the user including Heart Rate in beats per minute as well as percentage of maximum heart rate and a graphical target zone indicator. Target heart rate zones allow you to set up your target exercise intensity in terms of upper and lower heart rate limits. When your heart rate drops too low, or exceeds the upper limit of the zone, the watch will product either an audible or visual alert, to notify you that you need to change your pace.

The Polar heart rate monitors FT7 features a comfortable textile transmission that has the ability to avoid crosstalk interference from other heart rate devices, exercise equipment and power lines. After you have performed your training with your FT7 Polar heart rate monitor watch, you can then transfer it to a personal computer using the FlowLink USB accessory (not included). The data collected from the watch is compatible with the website, which contains a collection of analysis tool that allow you to examine your training data to the level of detail that is needed to ensure that you are heading in the right direction.

The latest Polar FT7 fitness computer watch has an inbuilt Polar WebSynch feature, but requires the Polar FlowLink device to use it. WebSynch, is used through a free interface software tool that can be downloaded for free from Through it the user can set training goals, whether it be for marathons, half marathons or an up coming 10 km fun-run. Your progress can be closely monitored as well. The FlowLink upload is not MAC compatible and provides full support for all Windows platforms.

Many people wonder what the Polar FT4 FT7 differences are. The two main ways that these watches differ is that the FT4 watch has not ENERGY POINTER feature and only one file in memory, whereas the FT7 watch can store the details for up to 99 exercise sessions. Another common query is how the FT7 compares to the older FT7. In terms of a Polar FT7 vs F7 comparison, they are both two very different designs. The F7 features Polar OwnZone and Polar OwnCal, but does not have the ENERGY POINTER feature.

Each excercise session features:

  • Average heart rate
  • Calorie expenditure
  • Exercise time (total)
  • Exercise file info (including date and time)
  • Maximum heart rate for the session

There is mens version of the sports watch as well as a Polar FT7 women’s version that features a slightly more feminine design. Refer to a polar FT7 review for more information on this and about the Polar software program FT7. Buying online is usually the best method of finding the cheapest Polar FT7 price, which can also be done through the Polar FT7 reviews.

When you buy Polar FT7, the following items will be provided in the box:

  • Polar FT7 heart monitor training computer
  • Polar WearLink®+ transmitter
  • Quick Guide – Polar FT7 user manual

To conclude this FT7 Polar review, lets just say that the features provided in this watch, make it a light-weight and versatile training watch for setting up quick and easy heart rate zone training as well as gauging the effectiveness of your training programs and whether your training is effectively just burning calories or is helping you achieve your maximum fitness potential. Additional review Polar FT7 comments can be viewed on the Amazon website, where customers provide feedback of how products they have purchased have performed for them in practice.

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