The Polar FT4 Heart Rate Monitor Watch – A Polar FT4 Heart Rate Monitor Watch Review Of A Simple, Yet Effective Fitness Trainer Watch

The Polar FT4 watch helps you train within a specific heart rate zone as well as keeping track of the calories you have burned throughout the day. The Polar FT4 heart rate monitor, is a no frills watch that is dead simple to use and is light on magic tricks and other advanced sports watch wizardry, if his is what you need, then the FT4 sports watch, is a good quality, reliable heart rate monitor fitness watch that is comfortable to wear and is sold at a reasonable price, here is a brief Polar FT4 review.

The Basic features of this Polar FT4F watch include the ability to automatically set up age-based heart rate zones with upper and lower heart beat per minute and percentage of maximum heart rate. The average and maximum heart rate of your training re displayed during your session as well as your current heart rate in beats per minute when you wear the heart rate monitor to work out. The heart rate monitor chest strap features the Polar OwnCode coded transmission which essentially means the wireless signals is coded to avoid crosstalk interference from other heart rate monitor devices.

The FT4 Polar supports heart rate zone alarms, that sound a visible and audible alarm whenever you are outside your target heart rate zone. This help you stick to your goal intensity level, so that you are putting in enough effort to achieve your fitness goals. The Polar FT4F heart rate monitor allows you to set manual target heart rate zones and also has the ability to measure the calories you have consumed during a run. The watch can present a summary that shows your totals from the last time the watch was reset and supports up to 10 training files each with summary information with the statistics gathered over the course the training period.

The Polar heart rate monitor FT4 watch also displays a graphical target zone indicator. It essentially points out graphically the zone you are in during a training session. This helps you stick to your desired intensity zone by showing you exactly where you currently are within it. One other nice features of the FT4 Polar heart rate monitor watch is HeartTouch button free operation, this allows you to view different training information without needing to physically press a button, for example simply brining the FT4 Polar watch close to your transmitter, will cause the information displayed on the digital watch face to change.

Polar heart rate monitors FT4, also feature many common watch features that are typical of other fitness Polar watches. They have a backlight, a date and day of the week indicator, dual time zone, the ability to display the text in multiple languages such as English, Fiinish, German, Swedish, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese. The Polar Watch FT4 also features the KeyLock feature, which locks the buttons of the watch against accidental presses while you are training, a low batter indicator, time of day in 12 or 24 hour format, alarm with snooze and water resistance to 30 meters.

What’s In The Box

  • – Polar FT4 training computer
  • – Polar WearLink®+ transmitter
  • – Quick Guide Polar FT4 Manual

How To Buy

For the best Polar FT4 Price, one of the best places to look is the Amazon website which can be accessed by clicking on the links above and below. Before purchasing this watch, you should carefully evaluate if it is a good match for your needs and requirement. You can learn a lot about a product in practice by reading a Polar FT4 heart rate monitor review. Polar FT4 reviews can be found on Amazon, where customers are allows to post their feedback on a particular product has performed according to their experience. A Polar FT4F review can be quite insightful and can help you make a better informed purchasing decision. For a slightly more advanced watch, the Polar FT7 is the next model up, it features the ENERGY POINTER feature that helps determine if you are on track to achieve your goal. Polar FT4 FT7 and other watches can all be purchased on Amazon at competitive prices.

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