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The newest and best rated activity and fitness trackers of 2022


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Over the past decade, fitness trackers such as the apple watch and Samsung Galaxy Watch have helped millions of people with health and wellness goals. The first fitness trackers on the market were little more than fancy pedometers. Trackers still monitor your steps, but they’ve evolved to do so much more than that.

The latest gadgets measure everything from blood oxygen levels to heart rate. Some, like the Apple watch 7, will alert emergency services if you have a slip and fall accident. Some can listen to music, take and make phone calls, connect to Bluetooth speakers and headphones, interface with peloton bike workouts and even offer visual workout instructions with the correct digital fitness subscription. Fitness trackers come in many shapes and sizes, including watches and rings, and there are even activity trackers designed specifically for women and children.

CBS Essentials has rounded up the latest and highest rated activity and fitness trackers of 2022 at all price points, from top brands like Apple, Fitbit, Garmin, Samsung and Amazon. Even better, many of these popular fitness trackers are on sale right now.

Apple Watch Series 7



The latest Apple Watch offers a larger, more shatterproof screen and faster charging time than previous generations and up to 18 hours of use per charge. Apple users know that it tracks sleep and monitors heart rate, steps, and activity. It’s also integrated with the Fitness+ work streaming service plus it’s fully iPhone compatible, letting you leave your phone at home and take calls, texts, emails and listen. music. The watch, which is only compatible with iOS, required a $10 per month subscription.

Right now you can score a Green Apple Watch 7 for just $390, a savings of $10 off its list price. Other colors are also available, at different prices.

Apple Watch Series 7, $390 (reduced from $400)

Amazfit Bip U



Water-resistant and cost-effective alternative to the Apple Watch, and compatible with Android and iOS, the Amazfit Bip U offers longer battery life – up to nine days per charge – and a variety of tracking options of activity. Measure heart rate, blood oxygen levels, breathing, sleep quality and even stress levels. Women can track their period and get reminders when it’s almost that time of the month.

Amazfit Bip U, $50 (reduced from $60)

Samsung Galaxy Watch4



A favorite among Android users, the Samsung Galaxy Watch4 has features that even the Apple Watch can’t match. Want to know your body fat composition? Equipped with a bioactive sensor, the gadget scans your body through Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) in 15 seconds, calculating from Body Mass Index (BMI) and Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR). It also tracks sleep and snoring and records them even when paired with a smartphone. The biggest jerk? Like the Apple Watch, the Galaxy Watch4 requires daily charging. Available in GPS/Wi-Fi and 4G LTE versions.

Samsung Galaxy Watch4 with GPS/Wi-Fi, $250

Samsung Galaxy Watch4 with 4G LTE, $300

Amazon Halo view



Released in late 2021, the slim Alexa-enabled Amazon Halo View measures heart rate, activity, sleep and even blood oxygen levels. It also offers connectivity to popular health apps, such as Headspace and Bettersleep, as well as connectivity to your phone. It also has a seven-day battery life. Another added bonus? Each watch comes with a 12 month subscription with access to training and programs. After the trial period, it automatically renews at $4 per month.

Amazon Halo View, $80

Bellabeat Ivy



The only health tracker developed and designed specifically for women, Bellabeat Ivy, an activity tracker that’s worn like jewelry, tracks sleep, heart rate, and workouts in addition to your menstrual cycle. The device also offers personalized meditations and workouts that align with a nutrition plan tailored to your cycle.

Bellabeat Ivy, $250

Ring Oura Gen3



Oura is a brand of activity tracking smart rings worn by Kim Kardashian, Jessica Alba, Prince Harry and Olympic athletes. In October, the brand launched the Oura Ring Gen3. The ring offers insight into sleep, activity and health. It also tracks temperature, heart rate, and menstrual cycle. Once a tracker has been ordered in one of four finishes (Silver, Black, Matte Black, or Gold), Oura sends a sizing kit home for a perfect fit. Features to be added in 2022 include heart rate monitoring during training and blood oxygen detection. Requires a $6 monthly subscription, with six months free with every purchase.

Oura Gen3 ring, $299

NEW PRICE DROP: Fitbit Charge 5



The latest incarnation of Fitbit’s popular Charge range, this well-equipped health and activity tracker packs cutting-edge technology into a slim device and features a color touchscreen. The smartphone-compatible device helps you manage stress and stay on top of heart health and sleep. Android users can even reply to text messages.

Fitbit Charge 5, $120 (reduced from $180)

Fitbit Inspire 2



A budget-friendly, no-frills Fitbit that gets the job done, this easy-to-use entry-level activity and sleep tracker offers 10-day battery life, various exercise modes, and 24-hour heart rate tracking and 7 days a week. New subscribers get a one-year free trial of Fitbit Premium. Available in three colors (Black, Lunar White and Desert Pink) and with multiple accessory options.

Fitbit Inspire 2. $88 (reduced from $100)

Spacetalk Adventurer



Developed specifically for kids, the Spacetalk Adventurer combines a 4G cell phone (which requires a SIM card, phone plan, and data plan) with a GPS device in a rugged smartwatch, constructed of scratch-resistant glass and a wrist strap. silicone watch. Parents can create pre-approved safe contact lists, safe zones and SOS alerts. Plus, they don’t have to worry about unnecessary screen time, as the watch offers no internet or social media access, and the information is securely stored by Spacetalk. It also has a camera, tracks activity, makes and receives video and audio calls, text messages and has a battery life of up to 72 hours.

Spacetalk Adventurer, $190 (reduced from $200)

Garmin Vivoactive 4



For some reason, the majority of activity tracker smartwatches come in squares or rectangles. Besides the Samsung Galaxy Watch, people looking for a round style should check out the Garmin Vivoactive 4. The highly functional gadget does everything from tracking blood oxygen levels and heart rate (even under the water) to music playback via Bluetooth. earphones, to offer animated workouts. It is compatible with iOS and Android and available in a few color options. Battery power varies by function, lasting from six hours in GPS mode with music up to eight days in smartwatch mode.

Garmin Vivoactive 4, $329

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