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The new Apple Watch Ultra is out and Radhika Apte shares her thoughts

If you’re an Apple Watch fan (which, let’s face it, we all are), let me know how you manage to not see your activity rings. Because whether you like it or not, the watch lets you know that you’ve been on the couch too long, and at this point you’re probably rooting. I reluctantly jumped on the Apple Watch bandwagon, trying to stay away from it for as long as possible. I clearly haven’t done a good job as I charge it regularly making sure I’m ready for every day. And that green ring is the reason I take so many steps. One of the highlights of my day is watching the practice ring close in a burst of light. Alright, maybe I don’t live such an exciting life, but hey, at least I’m becoming a fitter person. It also helps me to see my watch as an accessory, as an extension of myself – it goes with a saree and shorts. I mean, what’s not to like?

So when Radhika Apte, another avid user and fan, discussed the latest version of Apple Watch – the Apple Watch Ultra – calling it “simply gorgeous”, I knew what she was talking about.

Apple Watch Ultra

Radhika Apte on the Apple Watch Ultra

“I call the Apple Watch Ultra ‘simply gorgeous’. It’s so easy to use and such a beauty on your wrist. The titanium body makes it sturdy and anti-corrosive. What I find most intriguing, is that the screen is sapphire glass which makes it super tough My favorite feature is the new Action button which I can quickly toggle and customize before starting a workout, marking a compass waypoint or starting a dive. What I like most about the Action button is the seamless control it offers at your fingertips. The Action button on my watch is currently set for a run. The compass waypoint is for most helpful to me as I live near a forest in London and like to cycle and run without planning the route.When I go diving in May next year I will change it to diving.


Radhika is more comfortable under the sea. She says, “Diving is my passion. Before the pandemic, I took every opportunity to go diving. And I intend to resume my hobby in the coming year. Some of my best dives have been in the Galapagos and the Red Sea. I will resume next year by going to Komodo. And I take the Apple Watch with me because it now has a depth gauge. It’s super useful when I’m going on a dive. It gives me crucial data on depth and time, water temperature and duration underwater. It is for descents up to 40 meters. And what’s really cool is that it all activates automatically when you dive, there’s no need to do anything manually.

Hello all aspiring snorkelers and divers, the ocean is calling! It has never been so easy before. Simply strap on your Apple Watch Ultra and follow your passions!


“I love running and so it’s exciting to know that I can now see more about the intensity of my training with the heart rate zones. I’ve had injuries while running before and have been trying to work out ever since. my steps, fine-tune my posture while I run. And what’s really cool about the new watchOS 9 is that I can create custom workouts with “work” and “recovery” intervals. And my favorite feature is that I can run against my best or my last run!I truly am my biggest critic, cheerleader and competitor!

I’m leaving for London tomorrow and we have our annual family camping trek planned for next month. I can’t wait to use the Compass Waypoint at my location or try the BackTrack. It’s reassuring to know that if I ever get lost or injured, all I have to do is hold down the Action button and activate a siren that can be heard up to 600 feet away! It really is a game changer! Especially when I’m hiking solo, this feature can save my life.

As the women’s champion, I think what’s most exciting about the next-gen Apple Watch is the temperature detection and advanced cycle tracking. The temperature sensor offers women’s health information and one can receive retrospective ovulation estimates for family planning. »

Collision detection

“The collision detection feature also caught my attention. God forbid, if someone is in an accident and is unresponsive for ten seconds, the Apple Watch will automatically dial emergency services with their location and share also the same with their emergency contacts. I am constantly traveling at least between two continents, if not more. I am very happy that my Apple Watch provides peace of mind for my family to know that I am safe.

When I’m on the second day of a backpacking trip in the Himalayas or diving next to a beautiful colony of clownfish in Indonesia, the last thing I want to think about is running out of battery! But with the Apple Watch Ultra, I’m glad to know that my battery can last up to 36 hours in normal use and it can last up to 60 hours in low power mode!

A big thumbs up to the Apple Watch Ultra straps. Of course, my favorite is the Ocean group. It’s lightweight and the adjustable buckle fits my wrist perfectly. It’s great even for high speed watersports and I can use an extension and wear it over my wetsuit. I love that my strap is in the shade of the ocean.