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The global sale of Doogee D11 smartwatches has started and now you can buy them with a discount of up to 50%

Doogee launches global sales of Doogee D11 smartwatches. In honor of its debut, the company announced a promotion to buy smartwatches at an affordable price of just $39.99, while the retail price of the device is $79.99. This price will be valid on the first day of the promotion, which is scheduled to run from July 25-29. In the last promotion days, the offer for Doogee D11 will cost $49.99.

The Doogee D11 smartwatch is made of aluminum alloy, the same caliber used in the aerospace industry. The touchscreen, integrated with its 12.7-inch 360 x 360 ppi size, has vivid Retina images. A special coating prevents fingerprint smudges from appearing on a watch.

According to the court ruling, a smartwatch owner can select one of more than 200 watch faces at their discretion. The user will also have access to a very extensive online database of watch faces in the Gloryfit app, which should be updated with new options.

Smart dialing and smart watches are provided by the 2-in-1 Bluetooth 5.2 adapter with the new energy-efficient RealTek 8763EW platform. The user can accept a call on the portable device by touching the screen or rejecting it. NFC connection is also supported.

The Doogee teleport has an A2 sensor with a VP60 heart rate sensor for every 24 hours monitoring and a pulse oximeter to measure blood oxygen saturation. This device helps you to assess sleep quality, stress level and menstrual cycles in women. For a quick recovery from your stress, use the smart clock to set the rhythm of your breathing.

The watch has 70 sports modes, including running, football, volleyball, tennis, etc. It’s not hot, water can do it, it’s hot, but it’s a safe choice for those who love sports. The model is protected against dust and moisture, which comes with the IP68 standard. It can’t be worn with your hands, but hand washing won’t take it off when you wash your hands.

You can also control the Doogee D11 using a voice assistant, which can be launched without the two touch buttons. The smartwatch includes monitoring of health and physical activity indicators and monitoring of SMS messages on the mobile phone and control of music playback.

This device is compatible with devices running iOS 9.0, Android 4.4 and above. Developed support for 17 languages, including Russian. The 300 mAh capacity battery ensures the autonomous operation of smart watches without the need for a battery to recharge for up to 7 days. Doogee is 646 46.10mm weight 38g.

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