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The best smartwatches for every budget: A buying guide

Apple Watches, Samsung Galaxy, Fitbits, plus plenty of affordable smartwatch options that will track your fitness metrics, take calls, listen to music, and more.

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Smartwatches have evolved from glorified pedometers to sophisticated electronic devices capable of emailing and texting, tracking your heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen levels and, yes, your steps. The Apple Watch sits outside many people’s price brackets – the base price for the latest model is $500, or $1,249 if you opt for the Hermes version – but there are plenty of smartwatches out there that can deliver. the same measures for much less. (Of course, it will be without Apple’s seamless device compatibility, but if you’re not a Mac user, you don’t care anyway.)

We’ve rounded up a selection of smartwatches ranging from basic fitness trackers to mini cell phones, with a few traditional watches that include heart rate monitors and more. We only included those with user ratings of four stars and above; With such a wide range of products on the market, why bother with less? Below is a list of smartwatches including Apple Watch, Samsung Galaxy Watch, and Fitbit. For more buying guides, read our roundup of must-have electronics and amazing gadgets tech lovers won’t want to pass up.

Apple Watch Series 7 (GPS + Cellular)

Apple Watches are imminently customizable, from watch case color to band style (and that’s not even counting features), so if that doesn’t suit your aesthetic, you can click above to choose among many other options. The Apple Watch Series 7 is a GPS + cellular model that lets you call, text and get directions without your phone, and can measure your blood oxygen with an all-new sensor and app, check your heart rate with the ECG app, and Track your daily activity and see your trends in the Fitness app on your iPhone.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

Not a Mac person? The Samsung Galaxy smartwatch is now in its fourth iteration and comes with advanced health monitoring, fitness tracking and smartphone features. It’s customizable, connects to Bluetooth, and allows for easy data sharing with your healthcare providers. (If you want to spend a little less, second- and first-generation models are available at lower prices.)

Fitbit Versa 2 Watch

If fitness stats are what you’re looking for, then this Fitbit model will give you everything you need. Not only will you get your health metrics, but you can also use the built-in Alexa for some smart home capabilities, the Spotify app to listen to music while you work out, and over 20 goal-based workouts. fashions.

Letsfit smart watch

If an Apple Watch is way over your budget, Letsfit’s latest smartwatch can also monitor blood oxygen saturation and monitor your heart rate, all in its IP68 waterproof case. This one is compatible with Android and iPhone, so you can receive your messages and calls, control music, set a timer, and track all your fitness metrics.

Virmee VT3 Lite Fitness Watch

One of the cheaper but top-rated options – it’s got a universal five-star rating from over 100 users – it’ll also track your heart rate, sleep quality, workout data, and more. It is compatible with Android and iPhone.

Bowost smart watch

Another popular and well-priced option, it’s also a clear and intuitive multifunctional smartwatch that includes sleep tracking, heart rate and blood pressure monitoring, call and phone reminders. messages, GPS tracking, weather forecasts and a downloadable app that lets you control your phone’s camera, music and more. It’s IP68 waterproof and charges quickly to give you days of normal use.

Michael Kors Access Gen 5 Bradshaw Smartwatch

It’s not just a traditional-looking Michael Kors watch – it has a sleek metal strap, but it’s powered by Google technology and includes speakerphone, heart rate, GPS, NFC and smartphone notifications. It’s available in several different metals and finishes, so you can choose the look you want.

Fossil Men’s Gen 5E 44mm Stainless Steel Touchscreen Smartwatch

Fossil’s smartwatch option can not only track standard fitness and health metrics and perform some of your smartphone’s most essential functions, but you can also use it for contactless payments. The future is here, people.

Round Smartwatch YAMAY SW022

If you’re looking for a less boxy, more attractive option, this round touchscreen watch is also customizable (depending on which band you choose) and compatible with iOS 9.0 and Android 5.0 and above. Track all your metrics, get your incoming messages, and more in this more traditional model (which is IP68 waterproof and has a standard seven-day battery life).

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