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Surprising design reveal in new leak

A new report claims there will be a bargain of Apple Watch models this fall, and the designs aren’t what other rumors have told us. When the leaks and rumors are all pointing in the same direction, it’s easy to get an idea of ​​what’s to come. Although, let’s recall, last year there was a consensus among respected analysts that we were about to see a new bezel-edged, flat-screen Apple Watch Series 7 due to arrive on last fall.

That didn’t happen, although Apple announced a new, sturdier design that’s slightly different from the Series 6.

Now, @AppleLeaksProin iDropNews, made a series of claims about what’s to come. Here’s what we learned.

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There are three watches coming

This ties in with other rumors, so it’s a good start. Of course there will be an Apple Watch Series 8, that’s a shoo-in. Next, a new Apple Watch SE is planned, which makes sense given that the original SE is now two years old. And that lines up with other reports that Apple Watch Series 3 will likely be retired this year, meaning Apple Watch SE will slip into the entry-level watch position.

The third watch will be aimed at those who like to play sports and will therefore be sufficiently robust. This is also in line with other reports, but after that @LeaksApplePro diverges from others.

What about the design?

The latest rumors are that a new flat-edged design, which was supposed to arrive last year but didn’t, will arrive this year. It makes sense to bring the Watch’s industrial design language in line with that of the iPhone and iPad (barring the entry-level tablet).

However, this report categorically contradicts those rumors, saying, “You shouldn’t expect a redesign or flat edges, just a simple internal update.”

When the flat edged design was leaked and then didn’t appear it was quickly decided by those who had seen the designs that they were genuine and since they didn’t show up for Apple Watch Series 7 that must mean that they were designs destined for another year. Like 2022.

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However, @LeaksApplePro is clear that none of the new models, not even the beefed up model, which he calls “an extreme edition”, will be redesigned.

Although I love new designs, this statement makes sense to me. Apple never introduced a watch design one year only to drop it the next. That said, if it kept the Series 7 design for Apple Watch Series 8 and Apple Watch SE, but introduced the new, flatter design for the Extreme Edition, that also makes sense to me.


Finally, there is a word about pricing. “I haven’t heard many details about the Extreme Edition yet, but don’t expect it to be cheaper than the Series 8, which will be priced at $399.

I guess that’s not surprising: if it’s going to offer something more in the form of greater resistance in sporting situations, it probably won’t be cheaper, will it? Although, let’s remember, the very first Apple Watch came in three versions, Apple Watch Sport, Apple Watch and Apple Watch Edition, and the Sport was the cheapest.

But things have changed and I think we need to know more about the composition of the new Extreme Edition, as materials play a big role in Apple’s pricing. Also, if the Extreme Edition is meant to be a premium model, as previous Apple Watch editions have been, the prices may be higher.

There’s a long time between now and the release of this year’s Apple Watch, so we can expect more leaks.

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