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Smartwatches Added to Northern Heights Handbook | News from the region

Up to 29% of American adults now wear “smartwatches”. But the pupils of the schools of the department of the North of Lyon would do better not to make malicious ideas to use them in class.

The $251 school board voted Wednesday to expand its social media rules to include Apple Watches and similar items at Northern Heights High School.

“The main change was to treat smartwatches the same as cellphones,” Superintendent Robert Blair said Thursday. “Students will be able to use them before school, after school and during lunch, just like they use their cell phones.”

But watches must be turned off and kept in lockers during class hours. Students caught with them during class should hand them over to teachers or administrators. But teachers can make day-to-day exceptions for educational use.

“At no time should social media applications be used in school,” the school handbook reads.

The revised manual keeps in place random drug testing for students involved in sports, clubs or other extracurricular activities.

The school board also approved changes to the North Lyon County Elementary School textbook. No cell phone use is permitted without permission.

The board also voted Wednesday night to spend $33,048 on two scoreboards at the Project Playscape complex being prepared at Americus.

“One is a baseball-softball field. One is a T-ball field,” Blair said.

The fields themselves are already fully funded. Their grand opening is scheduled for Saturday.

The council asked Blair to check with the municipal authorities of Admire and Allen whether their sports fields also had needs.

Blair added that the new NLC Early Learning Center is expected to open on time in August. The main concern at the moment is to complete the fence around the playground.

The $251 board meetings are usually webcast on Facebook Live, but that didn’t happen on Wednesday. Blair explained that the district’s tech experts were sick.

In another action on Wednesday, the Lyon Nord department school board:

  • approved the agreement negotiated this year on teacher compensation and benefits. Teachers will receive raises of about three percent in the next term. The current national inflation rate is 8.4%.
  • voted to purchase a 53-passenger commuting school bus for $109,494.
  • did not discuss school safety in its first meeting since the elementary school shooting in Uvalde, Texas. Blair said the topic was not broached.