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Smartwatch brand ANDFZ launches new version of smartwatches with call receiving and dialing functions on Kickstarter

ANDFZ launches its latest line of smartwatches early this year, equipped with features to optimize the convenience and demands of everyday life. With highly personalized products, available in a variety of colors, compatible with fourteen languages ​​and running on Android or iOS, the launch of ANDFZ offers a solution to a wide range of customers and users looking to upgrade their watch. existing smart phone or buying one for the first time. Right now they are crowdfunding to make all of this possible.

“Our entire product line takes the classic, traditional accessory and infuses it with the demands of modern living,” says ANDFZ CEO Aimee. “We love how the watch has been a staple fashion item for generations, and we were thrilled to combine that history with a spirit of craftsmanship to bring together the most innovative ideas in the industry into one stylish item. .”

So many smartwatches on the market today lack one feature or another, make it difficult to coordinate with your phone, or simply can’t keep up with the battery demands of a full-time schedule. “Our watches last seven days free of charge. We believe that having customers only have to charge their watch once a week will be a real game-changer and accentuate the next level of convenience and reliability that our watches bring.

Beyond that, ANDFZ smartwatch offers Bluetooth calling including call receiving and dialing functions, an unparalleled 1.32 inch high-definition TFT-LCD screen with 360*360 resolution, numerous health tracking features including 24-hour monitoring and detection of blood pressure, heart rate, blood oxygen, sleep with detailed reports available on APP, as well as 19 sports modes and display of SMS notification, social media messaging, calendars and contacts.

Available in a range of colors, shapes and sizes, ANDFZ has ensured that there is a product to please every customer on the market, and their relatively low prices make this possibility a reality for much of the consumer base.

To contribute to their crowdfunding campaign, visit here. To learn more about their products, check out their Amazon store here.

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