Six Best Workout Journal Software Tools For Planning and Tracking Your Workouts

Lifehacker have just released a list of the top Workout Journal Software tools (as rated by their readers).

Given that Lifehacker’s audience is primarily a techie community, the choices look like they’ve been driven by the popular technology platforms and the tools available for them. But if you are seeking a way to track your workouts are into technology and the latest gadgets, then the article is worth checking out.

I am a regular user of MapMyRun and can vouch for it as a running tool. MapMyRun is a map-based internet tool built around Google Maps that allows you to create maps of your favorite runs. It then compiles statistics of your routes such as mile or kilometer markers, total distance, elevation profiles and more.

The program can store a list of your runs and permits “public” runs that can be viewed by, searched on and ranked by the global MapMyRun community.

MapMyRun started as a simple tool for runners, but then expanded into a fully feature packed website. MapMyRun now integrates with popular exercise technology such as Garmin Forerunner Watches, iPhone and Nike+.

With the exception of the Forerunner, I’ve not heard about the other journal tools, but given Lifehacker’s reputation for uncovering the most useful technology on the planet, they are probably well worth a look.

The best fitness tracking tools as judged by the Lifehacker readers were…

  • Gyminee (Web Based, Basic Account: Free/Pro Account: $45 per year)
  • RunKeeper (iPhone, Basic: Free/Pro:$9.99)
  • MapMyRun (Web Based, Basic Account: Free/Pro Account: $48 per year)
  • Garmin Forerunner (Windows/Mac, $99-$369)
  • Nike+ (Windows/Mac, $29)
  • Nokia Sports Tracker (Nokia Smartphones, Free)

It is also worth nothing that honorable mentions were given to:

  • SparksPeople – the fitness and diet community
  • Spreadsheets (Excel or otherwise)

If you’re a user of a GPS watches, I’d also personally add SportTracks to the mix.

This full Lifehacker article can be viewed here.

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