Choosing a Timex Military Watch – A Rugged Outdoors Watch For The Frontier

If you’re looking for a Timex military watch, you have a lot of different models to choose from. Just about every digital watch on the market can be set to display time in the 24-hour military style, and there are a wide variety of analog Timex military watches as well. There are many more models of Timex military watches for men than for women, but women will find a few nice styles to choose from as well. Of course, there is nothing to stop a woman from wearing a man’s watch either.

Timex Military Watches

The Timex military classic is a bold-looking version of the Timex Expedition watch with a large face that is plain white in the center with three concentric circles surrounding the center circle. The first of these outer circles is black and contains the numbers one through twelve. The second circle is red and contains the numbers 13 through 24. The outer circle marks the seconds in 5-second increments. This watch has a black fabric band.

For a great Timex military chrono watch, you can choose the Timex Expedition chrono watch. This version of the Expedition comes in three colors: black, olive green, and black and white. Although it is considered a military Timex watch, it does not have a second set of numbers to help you tell time during the second half of the day. Like all chrono watches, this Timex military style watch features a stopwatch as well as a clock.

If you prefer a digital chrono watch, the digital Expedition is a good choice. This Timex military quartz watch has a durable leather and nylon watch band and a 100-hour chronograph. Other features include a lap counter, countdown timer, alarms, and an indiglo night light. It is water resistant up to 100 meters.

One Timex military watch women might like is the Women’s Field Expedition watch. This Timex military field watch is a classic-looking watch with a brown leather band and white face. It has a stainless steel case and the numbers are easy to read. It has a second set of numbers on the inside of the dial ring that show the military time for the afternoon hours. This watch is water resistant up to 50 meters.

Those who prefer watches with a little more character can shop for a vintage Timex military watch on eBay. One popular style that is often available on the auction site is the vintage-looking Timex US military watch, which has an olive-green fabric strap and an olive-colored case with a black face and large white numbers. This is not a true Timex vintage military watch but rather a style that was manufactured to look vintage. However, true vintage Timex military watches are also available from many eBay sellers.

The most common Timex military watch band is the olive drab fabric band. This type of watch band is used on several different styles of Timex military watches. As for the case on the typical Timex military watch, stainless steel and plastic are both common. The faces are most often black with white numbers. If you are in the market for a Timex military watch, make sure that the military time numbers are easy to read if you are not used to converting the time from the standard 12-hour clock.

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