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Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 vs Apple Watch Series 7: Which is better? Features, prices and differences

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For many years now, Apple and Samsung have been fighting hand in hand in the smartwatch sector, with back and forth between the two, especially since they usually present their models always on the same dates.

A short time ago, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 hit the market, which precedes the launch of the new Apple Watch and which for now can only be compared to the 7 series. There are two versions of the Samsung watch, the standard and the slightly more expensive Pro.

We wanted to do a Feature and price comparison between Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 and Apple Watch Series 7similar in many ways and quite different in others, including cost.

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Obviously, the most loyal Apple users almost never consider switching to Samsung (despite their smartwatches being compatible with iOS), but some users doubt which is better.

It is practically impossible to come to a definitive conclusion, although we evaluate their main differences below.

  1. Price: Samsung wins hands down
  2. The Apple Watch price is misleading and a lot
  3. The Galaxy Watches have already taken the plunge with two very useful functions
  4. If you are a iPhone user, the Apple Watch offers you much more
  5. Battery: both far from the brands that shine the most

Price: Samsung cheaper

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5

Samsung has been betting for a long time year after year on relatively low prices for its watches, and in 2022 they have not changed their strategy, which is why there is no color to decide if your budget is tight.

The Galaxy Watch 5 Bluetooth is on sale from 300 euros, a price that goes up if you include an LTE connection or a larger size, depending on your preference. The momentum will drive its price down month after month, as always.

For its part, and several months after its launch, the Apple Watch continues to stay closer to 400 euros, although surely when there is a new model its price will drop a little if it is still on sale.

The Apple Watch is more expensive but more depreciable

Apple Watch Series 7

The price of the Apple Watch is higher or much higher and, although it is difficult to assess whether the lifespan of one or the other is higher (as it depends on many factors) , it is clear that the resale in the medium and long term the price of the Apple watch is more attractive.

By that we mean you can have your Apple Watch for 3-4 years and then resell it second-hand, recouping a good chunk of the investment, which doesn’t happen with Samsung models.

The reason is that the American brand is not inclined to price cuts, which makes the “floor” price of its devices higher.

Additional Features in the Galaxy: Skin Temperature and Body Composition

With the Galaxy Watch 4, Samsung introduced an interesting feature that Apple hasn’t replicated so far: body composition measurement, which measures how much fat and muscle you have.

In the new model it is still present and another is added, the skin temperature sensornot as accurate as a thermometer but still remarkable.

Moreover, they also have NFC for payments but with Samsung Pay, so you have to check if your bank is compatible with this service or not.

The Apple Watch is ideal for iPhone users

Apple Watch Series 7

Although, as we mentioned, the Samsung device is compatible with iOS, the Apple Watch integration is obviously much better. Receiving calls and notifications, having Siri on your wrist, and more works better between devices of the same brand.

This is the main reason why the Apple Watch is sweeping up Apple users. Not only that, but they constantly receive updates, even adding new features through watchOS, which continues to improve little by little.

Among the features of the Apple Watch Series 7 that make it stand out are the very precise electrocardiograms or the extreme noise alert.

We were able to prove all of this and more in the Series 7 review.

Battery: about 40 hours compared to 18 hours for the Apple Watch

It should be noted yes or yes that the battery data of these models is far from exceptional. So far, both had issues going beyond 24 hours when using GPS or playing sports, let alone using features like calls.

Little by little they have improved, this must be granted to both brands. The Galaxy Watch 5 clocks up around 40 hours of battery life with real-world use, surpassing the 18 hours we counted the Apple Watch in its test, although 2022’s new Apple Watch is expected to last longer. also improves on this aspect.

Both companies are far from others like Garmin or Fitbit, which focus more on sports and fitness and less on smartwatch functions such as notifications, calls or virtual assistant.

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