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The smartwatch can do almost anything these days. From tracking your sleep and fitness goals to playing music and receiving phone calls, and even working underwater. It’s basically the most practical little companion to get you through everyday life, placed conveniently by your side.

But, with more and more models hitting the market and smartwatches appearing on the wrist of every friend, colleague and gym trainer, we want to know what will work best for us. And now that Black Friday is here – that is, the time when all those expensive gadgets you’ve ever considered are suddenly on sale – it might be time to invest. Here has Cosmopolitan UKwe have tried and tested the best styles to bring you our opinions and recommendations so you can choose the one that suits you best.

Whether you’re a tech-savvy workout warrior or just looking for a motivational companion to monitor your health habits, we find out which smartwatches are worth your time…

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Best smartwatch for tech skeptics

Galaxy Watch4: The best smartwatches


Was £249, now £199 (20% off)

“With a rose quartz strap and customizable face, it’s chic enough to satisfy any tech skeptics. Select a workout ranging from swimming (it’s waterproof!) to arm curls, and it’ll record frequency heart rate and calories burned. It tracks the amount of time you’ve spent active, asleep, and exercising daily, and offers breathing exercises when it detects you’re stressed (less annoying than it sounds). is the smartwatch for people who thought they hated smartwatches.

– Kate, beauty writer


Best Stylish Smartwatch

Smartwatch 2: The best smartwatches

Kate Spade

Was £299, now £224.25 (25% off)

“I love the quirky aesthetic of this Kate Spade watch. The scalloped edge rubber strap gives it a feminine, dressy feel and you can also play with the watch faces (the ‘Winking Eye’ is my favourite). It’s easy enough to set up, but the operating system, Wear OS, is a little fiddly (you need to download the Google Fit app for that) and you just have to watch the battery level as it can drain quickly .

– Sairey, fashion editor


Best Value Smartwatch

Versa 2 smartwatch: best smartwatches


Was £169.99, now £99

“I have to admit I’m slightly intimidated by tech gadgets and fitness, but it was easy to set up with my iPhone 8. The app is really intuitive, and I love that it can track my sleep , my monthly cycle , water intake, calories burned, food and daily steps – all stats! It vibrates when you reach a new goal, which is strangely encouraging. I’m hooked!”

– Maddy, Senior Fashion Assistant


Watch Fit 2021: the best connected watches


Was £79.99, now £54.99

It has a clean design and comes in different colors which means it will go with whatever you wear. No constant charging either, with a battery life of 10 days. Plus, the built-in GPS means you don’t need 4G to track your routes – it’s a winner.


Best smartwatch for music

Forerunner 645 Music Running GPS Watch: The best smartwatches


Was £299.99, now £239.99

“Although I run 100,000 (ish..!) a month, I’ve never been interested in tracking my every move on a smartwatch. Until now. The Garmin Forerunner tracks your sleep cycle , resting and active calories, and even your stress levels. It connected seamlessly to my phone, my wireless headphones…and my life.”

– Dusty, Acting Entertainment Editor


Best Smartwatch for Tech Lovers

Apple Watch Series 6 GPS 40mm: the best smartwatches



This review is for Apple Watch Series 5, which is no longer in stock. However, Series 6 is available in store.

“I love gadgets, but I can’t say the same about the gym, so I didn’t think I’d use a smartwatch. so easy to use and view endless face customizations, you can receive calls and texts, track your menstrual cycle and monitor your fitness using the activity rings. do an ECG to check your heart rate and rhythm. At the moment he can’t do an X-ray.”

Sophie, reservations editor


Gen 5E MKGO smartwatch: Best smartwatches

Michael Kors


“The biggest plus for me is that it doesn’t really look like a sports watch. Moving away from the angular sports aesthetic, this watch is as glamorous as it is functional. I also love that it’s tough A downside is that you can’t reply to messages from the watch – only receive notifications – and you can’t speak through the watch while on a phone call. notifications come in, you still have to take your phone out of your bag to answer.”

– Emily, Features Intern

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