Polar RS100 Heart Rate Monitor Watch For Runners

Real-Time Heart Rate Information: Average and maximum heart rate for each lap and over a session.
Polar OwnZone: Automatic calculation of training zone intensity with audible and visual alarms
Polar OwnCal: Calorie expenditure calculations with % of fat burned
Polar OwnCode: Coded transmission, eliminates interference with other heart rate monitor devices
99 Lap/Split Stopwatch: For timing long runs, interval sessions, gym workouts or competitive events
Flexible User-Configurable Display: Presents the most useful information, clearly and concisely over three data lines (top line is configurable)
KeyLock Feature: Locks buttons to avoid accidental presses
Heart Touch: Presents different training information without requiring a button press.
End of Session Summary File: Presents a review of total exercise duration, average heart rate, time in zones and more.

The Polar RS100 Heart Rate Monitor watch is a basic inexpensive and reliable heart rate monitor watch designed for running and multi-sports. It features an easy press lap/split button on the front of the watch in an easy-to-access are allowing athletes to take splits without fear or pressing a wrong button.

Polar invented the world’s first heart rate monitor back in 1977, when they created a training tool for the Finnish National Cross Country Ski Team. Today Polar manufactures a variety of heart rate monitor watches for athletic training, fitness and rehabilitation.

With extra large digits and an over-sized display, the RS100 Polar watch offers 3, clear lines of data – one line that is user-configurable allowing you to view the data fields you need. Heart rate display is expressed in beats per minute or as a percentage of maximum heart rate. The watch also features Target Zones to ensure you exercise within your ideal parameters. Zones can be be setup manually or by letting Polar’s OwnZone feature calculate your zones automatically for you based on your personal details.

With an impressive 99 laps of session data, all the vital statistics of your session are tracked including “Time in Target Zone” and “Total Exercise Time”. The summary can be quite useful in determine how effectively you’re exercising. Also tracked is maximum heart rate, average heart rate, average heart rate of each lap and energy expenditure with Polar’s OwnCal feature that records your calories consumed over a single exercise session (measured in calories burnt or % of fat calories) or accumulated over several sessions. You can also set daily and weekly exercise goals to keep yourself on track.

We think the Polar RS100 Heart Rate Monitor Watch is a great watch for serious runners who seek nothing more than a basic, solid heart rate monitor watch that is capable of tracking workouts and intensity levels. If you want to improve your fitness level, then the Polar watch’s heart rate zone will keep you at your desired intensity for maximum fitness benefits.More Products From Polar:

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