Polar FS2c Heart Rate Monitor Review – A Brief Polar FS2c Review

The Polar FS2c heart rate monitor watch, builds on the Polar FS1 by adding a CODED heart rate transmission signal compared to the analog one in the FS1 that is subject to crosstalk interference from other devices. Here is a brief Polar FS2c review, that provides you with an overview of the features found in this Polar watch.

The Polar FS2c watch, is a simple heart rate training sports watch that provides you with the features you need for basic heart rate training. Featuring the Polar WearLink 31 heart rate technology, this sports watch provides you with simple features and high quality continual heart rate monitor performance at a price that is affordable. Essentially this watch is a basic heart rate zone trainer, that doesn’t possess an excess of features that requires you to read through a thick and complicated manual to operate. The watch has a large digital display with big digits that can be easily read while you are exercising. The most common color of this watch is black, however there is a Polar FS2c grey heart rate monitor option available too.

In terms of functionality, the Polar heart rate monitor FS2c offers you enough to get by, but not too much to confuse you. You can basically put on the watch, secure the heart rate chest strap and start your run with the FS2c watch. The Polar FS2c watch will display your current heart rate in beats per minute and offers you a heart rate training zone with an audible alarm. Your target heart rate zone, specifies the intensity at which you wish to work out. The Polar heart rate monitors FS2c will automatically set up a target heart rate zone, but will allow you to override this and manually set up the zone that you prefer.

When you have finished running the wrist watch will display a summary of your sessions including the following statistic that were gathered for your workout:

  • Average heart rate
  • Maximum heart rate
  • Date of exercise session
  • Exercise Time

The FS2c watch features a the WearLink 31 coded heart rate monitor chest strap. The chest strap is designed to be resistant to crosstalk interference and so the signal will not be disrupted around power lines, exercise equipment or other heart rate monitor watches.

When you purchase the Polar FS2c watch, your delivered box set will include the FS2c wristwatch, the WearLink 31 heart rate monitor and a Polar FS2c Manual. The Polar FS2c price is around $70US but can be found cheaper if you shop around, which is exceptional value when you consider the high quality that Polar are known to deliver. This concludes our Polar FS2c heart rate monitor review, however you can read actual customer Polar FS2c reviews made by buyers of the Polar FS2c, by clicking through to the Amazon website on the link below.

For a more advanced Polar watch, consider the Polar FS3c. It adds a user profile on top of the features offered by the FS3c. This allows the watch to automatically determine your heart rate training zone – which can be overridden if you choose.

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