Pedometer Watches and Cheap Pedometers: What to Look for in a Pedometer Watch

Whether you’re walking, running, or jogging, a pedometer watch can help you track your steps so you’ll know how far you’ve gone. Most good pedometers can accurately estimate the distance of your steps and figure out how many calories you burn during each workout. Pedometer watches have the additional advantage of displaying the time, and many of them also have built-in stopwatches, which allow you to time yourself and try to improve upon your speed each time you go out for a walk.

Types of Pedometers and Pedometer Watches

Many watch manufacturers offer one or more pedometer watch styles in their product lines. The Silva Pedometer Watch EX Ped Go II is a good example. Silva offers a variety of wrist pedometer models, including pink pedometer watches for women. Watch manufacturers are also getting into the business of selling pedometers. The model T5E021M8 Timex pedometer has a clip to allow it to be attached to your belt and features the Timex INDIGLO night-light so you can see how far you’ve gone if you’re out jogging at night.

The Oregon Scientific pedometer is an inexpensive option if you are on a budget. The company offers several discount pedometers that sell for less than $20. If you want something a little more high tech, try the Garmin pedometer that attaches to your shoelaces. This foot pod pedometer transmits a signal to your Garmin Forerunner or FR60 sports watch to help you monitor your speed and distance.

Although the watch pedometer and the belt pedometer are the most popular, the shoe pedometer is gaining in popularity as well. If you are trying to make sure your cardio workout is strenuous enough, you might want to get a heart rate monitor pedometer. That way, you’ll be able to tell when you reach your target heart rate. If you don’t want to have to slow down to check your heart rate, you can even get a talking pedometer that will tell you what your heart rate is. Of course, you can expect talking pedometers and other pedometers with advanced features to cost more.

Where to Get a Cheap Pedometer

You can find cheap pedometers for sale at discount stores such as Walmart and Target. You can also buy a jogging pedometer cheap online through retailers such as,, and Best Buy. If you have your own business, you might be able to purchase wholesale pedometers to sell in your own store as well. You can buy pedometers wholesale through the same distributors that sell wholesale watches. To buy a pedometer wholesale, you have to own a retail business, but sometimes you can find prices close to wholesale if you watch for great sales.

Sometimes you can even find free pedometers that are being given away by corporations, but these are not as common now as they once were. The best place to find free promotional pedometers is at educational health events put on by your local hospital or clinic. These events often take place during local fairs and festivals. Don’t expect a promotional pedometer to offer a lot of extra features. Most companies try to keep their promotional costs as low as possible by giving away a very basic model.

Whether you decide to buy a belt pedometer or a fancy watch with pedometer, calorie counter, stopwatch, and other features, you should check pedometer ratings by reading reviews on consumer websites to find out which pedometer wrist, belt, or shoe model has the highest level of customer satisfaction.

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