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New report says Apple Watch Series 8 won’t have a new design

According to new information, the Apple Watch Series 8 will not have a new design. Early reports indicated that the next Apple Watch would take on a more boxy look, a rumor we’ve been hearing since before the release of the Apple Watch Series 7. So what will the new Apple Watch Series 8 look like? You might be disappointed, but it will apparently look exactly like the Series 7.

Currently, the Series 7 offers three different case material options with aluminum, stainless steel, and titanium. For the next version, the titanium variant will no longer be available for the standard model. Instead, the titanium version will only be available for the new Pro model debuting this year. This is most likely done so that Apple can further differentiate its more premium offering from the rest of the pack.

This “Pro” model will be the largest to date, with a diameter of 50mm and a 1.99-inch screen. The current largest Apple Watch size sits at 45mm. Although touted as a more premium option, the Pro model will use the same internals as the standard edition. In addition, this model will not be a luxury model like the Hermès edition and will instead be marketed to sports professionals. Because of this, the watch will be sturdier and able to take more abuse than the standard version.

The Apple Watch Series 8 will arrive in four colors for the aluminum model: midnight, starlight, product red and silver. The stainless steel version will be available in silver and graphite. As for the other new features of the next Apple Watch, there are rumors that it could arrive with a new body temperature sensor. This has been confirmed by a number of sources, making it the “must have” feature for anyone looking to upgrade. Although Apple hasn’t officially announced anything, the company usually holds its event during the month of September, which means we won’t have to wait long.

Source: ShrimpApplePro (Twitter)