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Moto Watch 70 leaked early with Apple Watch design

Motorola is best known for its phones, but the company has dipped its toe in the portable market. Now, thanks to a French best buys list, we have a look at the company’s next smartwatch. This is the Moto Watch 70, and it doesn’t look like it will be a true successor to the Moto 360.

Looking at the Best Buy entrance, it looks like Motorola takes this smartwatch in a different direction. To begin, let’s tackle the elephant in the room: the shape. The Motorola 360, as its name suggests, had a circular screen. This gave it the appearance of being a normal watch.

However, looking at the Best Buy entry, the Moto Watch 70 will have a 1.69-inch square design. This makes it more similar to that of an Apple Watch.

The bezel surrounding the screen appears to be relatively small. It is certainly smaller than that of the Pixel Watch. On the right side of the watch, there is a single button, and that’s it.

The Moto Watch 7 may disappoint people in terms of software

The other big news about this smartwatch is that it won’t use Google’s Wear OS 3 software. It was one of the most anticipated Wear OS software updates this year and last year. Under the operating system section, it simply says “other”. It is compatible with Android smartphones and iPhones, so that’s good news if you’re an Apple user.

The Moto Watch 70, unfortunately, won’t be compatible with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. It’s a little disappointing, but we can say that this watch is not intended for the high-end market.

However, we know that this watch is aimed at the fitness market. The Moto Watch 70 will come with a host of different fitness features in its hardware and software. Depending on the input, there are 23 sport modes that you will be able to use. Additionally, dynamic health tracking will use the gyroscope, accelerometer, heart rate monitor, and spO2 sensor to monitor your heart rate, steps, distance, elevation, calories burned, and more.

Best Buy didn’t tell us about the expected battery life, but it says you’ll be able to get up to 14 hours of continuous use from a 60-minute charge. It’s quite impressive, but it will vary depending on who uses it. The watch is made with a zinc alloy case with silicone straps, and it has an IP67 water and dust resistance rating.

Although the Moto Watch 70 does not support Wear OS 3, it can still be a compelling smartwatch due to its price. This watch will only cost you $99.99 when it launches. It’s a good price if you’re looking for an affordable fitness tracker.