Best Men’s Sports Watches – How To Buy The Best Mens Sports Watch

Mens sports watches come in a variety of types and models. Such a wide variety that it can be hard to know where to start, when buying a mens sport watch. If you are looking at sports watches for men in order to please one of the men in your life, than you have made an excellent choice. There are there main reasons why a men’s sports watch is such a great choice as a gift.

1) Mens wrist watches are fashionable. Many men are into fashion and do not have the same freedom to express their sense of style in the way women can. One socially acceptable outlet that is open to men is his choice of wrist watch. A man’s sports watch selection is his way of personally expressing himself. It is on par with a woman’s insatiable urge to buy classy designer shoes and her mentality: one is good, more is better. Make no mistake, many men are into watch collecting the same way that women are into shoe collecting, but it helps to know a little about your man’s preferences and tastes and find out what he likes before splashing out.

2) Men’s sports watches make great gifts and can be worn on almost any occasion. Whether it be a birthday, a graduation ceremony, an anniversary, a wedding or Christmas, there are many great looking sport watches for men that would fit right in with any of these scenarios just fine. Many men also like to wear different types of timepieces in different scenarios. It might first help to think about what your man likes to do and then choose a mens sports watch that is a good match. For instance if he liked the outdoors than maybe a rugged, outdoorsy digital sports watch is just the ticket. If he attends a lot of elegant black-tie dinners, then an equally elegant designer sports watch might be a wiser choice or one of the many brand name watches.

3) There are a wide variety of price ranges to choose from, so will accomodate anyone’s budget. You can buy the sort of sports watch men love and spend less than $100 if you do not have a lot of money to spend. If you want to spoil your man, than you can purchase a timepiece of the finest qualities, both inside and out. Take Invica’s collection of mens sport watches. Invicta felt you should not need to spend a small fortune to acquire fine quality Swiss men sport watches (or women’s sports watches for that matter). Invicta offer the most diverse selection of top quality men’s sport watches as well as cheap designer watches that look great and can be purchased without breaking the bank. Invicta have you covered on both ends of the spectrum.

So now you have three reasons for buying sports watches men love (they will probably love anything you get them). In this article we will share some tips on how to find some great men sport watch choices.

Men’s Sports Watches By Type

Besides image and looks, there are a number of different men’s sports watches that cater to specific sporting activities, such as running, sailing, golf and men’s divers watches.

Mens Running Watches

A Mens Running Watch can assists your man in keeping track of and analyzing fitness and competitive running events and running watches are not just limited to running, they can just as easily accomodate other time based sports such as swimming, cycling, triathon, rowing and skiing. The main features on a running watch is the chronograph stopwatch that is used to time runs. Almost all running watches are digital sports watches, with the ability to also store sessions in the watch’s memory with a countdown or interval timers for repetition workouts and a variety of advanced features that can be used by serious athletes or enthusiastic amateurs like a GPS watch system. A mens GPS Watch is a running watch that has a GPS antenna built in and links up to the GPS satellite system in order to track a runner’s speed, distance and ascention or descention information. Mens gps watches are not the only form of distance measuring watch, as accelerometer foot pods also measure speed and distance accurately. Some great men’s running watches include the Garmin Forerunner 405CX, Garmin Forerunner 305, Garmin FR60 Footpod Fitness Watch and Polar RS300X. More running watch information is located here. Running watches.

Mens Diving Watches

Another type of specialist watch is the mens diving watch. A mens dive watch is either an analog, mechanical or Quartz powered classic style dive watch or a mens digital sports watch. Some of the digital diving watches are quite powerful and are otherwise known as dive watch computers. All true mens dive watches must pass ISO 6425 – a series of tests that ensure a watch is up to the rigors of deep sea diving. A mens dive watch that passes the ISO test earns the privilege of printing the words DIVER’S on the case – a mark of genuine dive watches for men.

There are a wide variety of diving watches to choose from at various prices and quality. For those on a budget, the Casio Dive Watch #AMW320D-9EV is a great entry level divers watch, a great mid-range choice is the Citizen Aqualand BJ2000-09E and at the higher end is Invicta Men’s Pro Diver Collection Swiss Automatic Watch #4470, a great looking dive watch in it’s own right!

Tips For Buying a Mens Wrist Watch For Sport

How To Buy Mens Watches For Style

A watch is an important investment, especially if you intend to spend a bit of money on a good one. You will have to live with your purchase and as a sports watch can subtly convey a lot about your character, it is important to choose one that both has the functions that you need and a look that suits your image. Here are a few simple tips that can help you choose the perfect sports watch.

First make a quick assessment of your lifestyle. Are yu a business man with meetings every day, dinners, luncheons and conferences with clients? Or are you an outdoors kind of person who loves action packed adventures? Consider the sort of activities you will be doing most while wearing your watch. If you are athletic, physical and spend a lot of time outdoors, then you will need a solid watch that can take a pounding and last for years. You will probably also want features like built in compass, thermometer, altimeter and other outdoors features. Are you in face-to-face meetins all day with affluent clients? Then you need a timepiece that will match your suit and tie and the classy, personable or sophisticated image that you wish to convey. Designer sports watches or mens dress watches could be your ticket?

The Watch Band

There are several types of watch bands made of different materials such as metal, leather and rubber. Here, an outdoors man would need something strong and durable, whereas Mr. Business man would perhaps require one of the many attractive designer sport watches to compliment his suit of choice for the day. A leather band will look good on special occasions as well as in day-to-day use. A metal band is more durable and can include options like stainless steel, gold and silver as well as a mixture of leathers. Again take stock of your lifestyle and take a look at your wardrobe and accessories so as to find a band that will compliment your existing clothing. As a general rule, if you wear neutral colors, then a leather band in tan, brown and black should look good. Stainless stell or silver bands tend to look good when wearing a suite. Gold bands (or indeed mens gold watches) can be risky as you can easily come off as pompus so it may help to steer clear of this unless you really know what you’re doing.

Your watch’s face is it’s centerpiece and will get the most attention, so ensure you consider your options carefully. There are a number of options to choose from here, first is wrist size. Consider if the watch face matches the circumference of yur wrist. There are several sizes of watch faces and look different when worn by another individual. If your watch face does not match your stature it may look silly. Aldo consider the time display as, after all you’ll want to view the time ocassionally too :) – decide if you want a digital, analog or hybrid display. Analog watches look classier and more timeless than mens digital watches, but usually lacks the extra features supported in most digital watches. Again, when considering your watch face, consider your lifestyle and personality and try and choose one that is a good fit.

Finally weigh up the extra features supported in the watches that you are looking for. While you might not need every feature they advertise, consider your lifstyle and whether the extra nicities fit in with the life you lead. Extras include things like multiple time zones, alarms, waterproofing, stopwatch and countdown timer to name but a few.

Other Buying Tips

Here is a more thorough list of questions to ask before you splash out and buy a men’s sports watch…

What Color? White, Rose or Yellow Gold?

Sports watches have different proportions of gold, silver and copper all mixed together, resulting in different coloration depending on which other metals are part of the mix. Yellow will always be popular, but others to consider are the rose-gold option or some of the more distinctive colored watches that are available. Of course this is assuming the watch is metal, if made of plastic, then you might just want to settle for a black sports watch or any variety of other attractive colors.

Case Material. Titanium or Steel Case?

Many watchmakers are producing watch cases made of high-grade stainless steel. Stainless steel is shiny, strong and resistant to corrosion and rust, but recent trands suggest that titanium is the metal of choice for new watches and a mens silver watch is also an attractive choice. Titanium is 30% stronger and half as light as steel. It is also more resistant to corrosion and even hypoallergenic and anti-magnetic, making it an ideal choice for dive watches. A watch made out of titanium does feel increadiby light-weight and very comfortable on a wrist. The trade-off is a dully gray looking case that actually scratches quite easily.

Quartz or Mechanical Movement?

The movement of an analog sports watch is either driven mechanically or elecronically. An electronic quartz watch is driven by means of an electric charge being driven through a piece of quartz causing it to vibrate. The accuracy of a quartz watch is within one minute each year. In contrast, a mechanical watch features a main spring that gradually unwinds, moving the watch hands. Mechanical watches can be wound by hand or automatically through the kinetic movement of your arms, the latter variety are called “self-winding” or mens automatic watch. These are less accurate than quartz watches and lose an hour each year. The Seiko watch company combined the two movement types to come up with a third kind that utilizes quartz, with the battery powering the watch re-charged by kinetic movement to greatly extend the battery lifecyle. These types of watches can last for decades.

Simple or Complicated Watch Design?

A complicated sports watch is considered any watch that has functions beyond simple timepieces watches. Many mechanical watches feature a moon phase indicator or calendar and can feature split-second chronographs and perpetual calendars that are guaranteed to be correct into the far distant future. These watches contain many miniture moving parts making them labor intensive to produce and thus expensive. They are also prized for their complexity and uniqueness.

Large sized Or Larger?

Men’s wristwatches seem to continually get upsized over the years, breaking the fourty millimeter diameter milestone just a few years back, but this is rising. The only reason for this size obsession is the latest fashion trends of the day, although some say the current trend was mostly inspired by a reissue of a legacy Italian diver’s watch that was originally made large to be visible at the bottom of the murky Mediterranean.

Round Shaped or Square Shaped?

The most common watch face seen in men’s sports watches today is round, but a revival of the square shaped watches of yesteryear is at hand. Recently tonneau which is shaped like a barrel has emerged as a prominant non-round choice, but there are also oval shapes, rectangles and squares. An uncommon shaped watch might set you apart from the masses for a while… until everyone starts wearing them!

Sports Chronograph Watches?

A chronograph mens watch is simply a watch with stopwatch feature. A mens chronograph sport watch can feature on either an analog or digital sports watch. The subdials on an analog sports watch are usually included to facilitate a chrono timer and are accurate to 1/5th of a second on mechanical watches and 1/100th of a second on digital ones. If you will be running with your watch or timing an event, one of these might be useful, otherwise they’re just for show.

Is a Chronometer Needed?

Chronometers are high precision sports watches with an accuracy verified by an independent agency known as the OSCTB (Official Swiss Chronometer Testing Bureau). Company send their internal movements to OSCTB for a series of rigorous tests. Once passed, the watches are certified “official” chronometers.

20 Bars or 5?

Sports watches have differing levels of water resistance. Most are water resistant to 50-100 meters. This simply means you can get the watch wet, wear it in the shower or partake in light snorkeling or swimming. For recreational scuba diving, you’ll need an ISO certified watch that is tested to at least 100 meters in sea water and must pass a series of tests such as resistance to shock, magnetic forces and readiblity in complete darkness. You might, very occasionally come across a watch rated in ATMs (atmospheres) or bars, 1 ATM or bar is equivalent to being submersed to ten meters. Choose a watch that matches your needs and look for one with the word “DIVER’S” printed on it, to be sure it’s ISO certified if that’s what you need.

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