Tech 4 O Accelerator Running Watch – Accurate Pedometer Measurement

Accelerometer watches accurately measure the number of stops taken in a workout or even throughout a given day. Advanced accelerometer watches can also measure, your speed, distance and caloric expenditure to a high degree of accuracy.

Other than basic math, there are two common ways to calculate the speed and distance of human movement – satellite tracking GPS or a mechanical pedometer.

Mechanical pedometers are cheap and abundant, but also highly unreliable. They operate on a simple pendulum clicker that relies on the walker’s hip movement to count steps. Unfortunately, mechanical pedometers end up counting a lot of non-walking movements, resulting in inconsistent measurements.

GPS technology is impressive, but is also expensive, complex and can lose accuracy around trees and large buildings. GPS watches are also unsuitable for indoor training.

The Tech 4 O Accelerator Running Watch


  • Highly accurate step counter with adjustable sensitivity. Allows users to calibrate the pedometer to their individual walking style.
  • Sensors contained in a single, standard sports wrist watch. Awkward mechanical belt clips or foot pods are not needed, simply put on your watch and you’re ready to go!
  • Calculates your average speed, distance, caloric expenditure, and total exercise time.
  • Delayed step counter feature that differentiates between ancillary movements and actual steps.
  • The Accelerator uses a delayed step counter that delays calculations by 10 steps to eliminate false step counting.
  • Smart scheduling features allows users to set the pedometer to automatically start/stop counting steps at a predetermined time every day, so you’ll never forget!

One of the best accelerometer watches currently on the market is the Tech O 4 Accelerometer Running Watch. The Tech 4 O Accelerator Series fills the void between old mechanical pedometers and the overkill of GPS. A simple, yet versatile, wrist-watch design can provide extremely accurate speed and distance data in all conditions.

While the technology isn’t perfect, it is better than 95% accurate and much more dependable than traditional pendulum based pedometers and cheaper than most GPS-based running products.

Unlike GPS, the Accelerator works beautifly in heavily forested areas, indoors, or around large buildings that obstruct the GPS satellite signal, so this watch will suit anyone who likes to take their exercise off the beaten path!

The Tech 4 O Accelerator Watch also features:

  • Personal profile customization to specific body type and walking/running style. No matter what your speed, height or weight, you can personally enter your vital statistics to ensure accurate results.
  • 24 hour Chrono with 1/100th of a sec accuracy and up to 50 laps storage
  • Countdown timer feature
  • Dual Time-Zones
  • Daily Alarm

At around $55 US, and considering the inclusion of lap storage and countdown timer, the Tech 4 O Accelerator watch makes a great, affordable running watch for either those who do not wish to pay extra for GPS technology, or trail-runners who like to workout in places where GPS can’t reach.

The Tech 4 O Accelerator Watch comes in five distinct designs. Click on one of the images below to be taken to the Amazon product page.

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