Invicta Lupah Watch Collection – A Selection Of Invicta Lupah Watches

  • While many sports watches are plain-looking and generic, the Invicta Lupah Watch collection offers a stylish alternative in terms of look and design. One of the more fashion-sensitive Invicta collections, perhaps the biggest decision you will have to make is whether your watch has a stainless steel, gold or silver band. For those who would prefer to stand out from the crowd rather than fit in with everyone else, you could do a lot worse than check out the following Invicta Lupah watches.

Invicta’s design team have created a variety of different shapes and colors in their Lupah watch line, whether you are after a red/pink or blue watch with a circle/rectangle or squre dial face, you will not be wanting for variety and will find something pleasing for all manners of occassion.

For a more simple, utilitarian look/feel combination, is a Invicta Lupah Chronograph Watch or two that is cast entirely in stainless steel. Prices in a watch store usually range from around $150-200, but when purchasing an Invicta watch online, you can find many choices that are much cheaper than the standard price – as well as some specialty models that fetch for considerably higher, and are of a rare luxury quality that is much sought after. No matter what you are looking for and what your budget is, you are all but guaranteed to find something that you can wear on your wrist with pride.

The Invicta watches do not only offer you exceptional looks, but there are many multi-role lupah models, that possess other useful qualities that wearers are looking for, an Invicta Lupah diver watch style that is rated for use in the water, the smaller sized Invicta baby Lupah watch and the impressively designed Invicta Lupah dragon watch. Typically these sports watches are rated 100 meters water resistance and feature luminous hands, Swiss quartz movement and a buckle closure. The Invicta Lupah grand watch features an eccentric, but elegant style that will make people take notice and maybe prompt them to purchase a Lupah for themselves.

Invicta Lupah Automatic watches, contain a self-winding mechanism that does not require any battery power. Just wear your watch and move a little and the internal workings of the timepiece will “self-wind” through kinetic forces removing the worry and hasstle of changing the battery.

Since the early 19th century, Invicta has maintained a vision for delivering the precision quality of Swiss watches, at a price that can not only be afforded by the rich and affluent. The vision has carried the Invicta company for over a century and has been a motivational ego-booster for the many skilled and hard working watchmakers that work under the Invicta company.

Invicta watches are sold online, which is usually the place to find models that are significantly discounted. When buying through the Amazon website, you are covered by an extended warranty of up to five years – an insurance that is usually only offered for a fee that is extra. To purchase your warranty extension, simply visit the Invicta website at and click on the Service tab at the top of the page. You will need your watch invoice or receipt as well as your watch’s model number found on the back of your watch. The extended warranty is only valid within thirty days of your purchase, so ensure you do it right away.

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