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I tried wearing my Apple Watch to do hot yoga – here are my tips

Can you use an Apple Watch for hot yoga? If you do hot yoga — the version of yoga intensified by a heated, humid studio — you might be wondering if your Apple Watch can keep up with your vinyasa.

A new hot yoga studio recently opened near my home, and I quickly became a regular, knowing the benefits yoga brings to my strength and mobility from the practices I do on Apple Fitness Plus or on the Fiture fitness mirror that I recently reviewed. And while I still use my Apple Watch to track yoga workouts in my air-conditioned apartment, I wasn’t sure I could do the same in the hot yoga studio.

Although I know how to use the Apple Watch, I had to research the maximum temperature the smartwatch can withstand before becoming susceptible to damage. Fortunately, Apple has made it easy to find this support page (opens in a new tab):

Apple Watch is designed to work best in ambient temperatures between 32° and 95° F (0° and 35° C) and should be stored between -4° and 113° F (-20° and 45° C ) .

Is it safe to wear an Apple Watch during hot yoga?

Apple Watch hot yoga

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Based on the “safe range” provided by Apple, the optimal conditions for using the Apple Watch are between 32° and 95°F, although it can also withstand -4° to 113°F Outside this range, the Apple Watch battery or other components could deteriorate.

The hot yoga studio I attended, Doza-Yoga (opens in a new tab), told me that the studio temperature for classes was 105°F. Searching online for temperature information for other hot yoga studios, I found that between 97°F and 105°F was the typical beach. In the classes I have attended, the instructor may also open the studio door to allow in some fresh air throughout the practice.

For the duration of a practice, it is safe to wear an Apple Watch in hot yoga. I wouldn’t advise spending long periods of time in the sweltering heat of the studio, but for hour-long classes like the ones I do, you should have no problem. Bonus points if you ask your studio what temperature they set the thermostat to, because double checking never hurt anyone.

You might also be wondering if the sweat from hot yoga could damage your Apple Watch. All Apple Watch models except the first Apple Watch are water resistant to 50 meters and can be used for shallow water activities, such as swimming. Even if you’re drenched in sweat after the workout – which is a no-brainer in hot yoga – your Apple Watch should hold up just fine.

Tips for Wearing an Apple Watch in Hot Yoga

Whether you want to wear your Apple Watch to track hot yoga is up to you, but I thought I’d share a few tips from my experience that you might find useful.

Wear the correct Apple Watch band: Considering the heat and sweaty conditions of hot yoga, I recommend wearing a sweat-resistant sports wristband during practice. As much as a Milanese loop or a leather strap is pretty, a silicone or rubber band is more ideal for the activity. My personal choice for hot yoga (and most workouts, for that matter) is Apple’s Solo Loop, as it doesn’t absorb sweat and is easy to clean after class. It also stays secure on my wrist in any pose.

Check out all the best Apple Watch bands for sports to find the one you like, if you don’t already have one. You can even pair it with one of the best yoga mats – who says you can’t sweat it out in style?

Change your display or notification settings: Despite the physical rigor of hot yoga, the studio is meant to be a rather calm and mindful place that allows you to focus on your movement and breathing. To both stay focused and respect others in your practice, I recommend turning off your Apple Watch notifications and lowering your screen brightness.

A distraction is the last thing I need when working on a handstand pose, so I set my watch to Do Not Disturb before class. Also, the emails aren’t very namaste.

To drink a lot of water: This one isn’t so much advice for wearing an Apple Watch during hot yoga, but important for practicing safely. Drink plenty of water before class and you can also bring a bottle of water inside the studio for sips between classes. If you have trouble staying hydrated like me, try an app called WaterMinder (opens in a new tab). Based on your weight and activity level, it will help you set and track a daily water intake goal. It is one of best apple watch appps I’ve been using it lately because it sends me a notification when I haven’t had a drink of water in a while.

If you found these Apple Watch fitness tracking tips helpful, check out our guides on how to stop your Apple Watch from cutting your run short and how to enable auto-pause for Apple Watch workouts. We are also constantly tracking the best Apple Watch deals and Apple Store coupons in case you want to upgrade your smartwatch.