How To Use The Stopwatch In Invicta Chronograph Watches

Certain Invicta watches, for example the Invicta Pro Diver watch, feature a chronograph that provides a stopwatch feature. These types of watches can be identified by the fact that they are capable of displaying time, date and have three sub-dial counters, eyes, indicators, or zones. Typically these are capable of measuring minutes, seconds and 1/10 of second. Sub-dials that measure minutes and 1/10 of a second combine to make the stop-watch feature of an Invicta Chronograph watch. The 60-second sub-dial is known as the small seconds and is in constant rotation.

Invicta Chronograph watches are also identified by the fact that they feature two side buttons in addition to the crown, both above and blow it on the right-hand side of the watch. These are used to start, stop and reset the stopwatch as is indicated in the instructions that follow.

Disclaimer: To the best of our knowledge, these instructions should work for the majority of Invicta Chronograph watches, however there are a vast number of watches made by Invicta and there may be exceptions to the rule.

Note: For the purposes of these instructions, the crown can be in position 0 (fully pushed in), position 1 (pulled out to the first level) or position 2 (pulled out to the second level). Push button A is the top-most button on the right and side. Push button B is the bottom-most button on the right hand side.

How To Adjust The Chronograph To The Zero Position

To adjust the center stop second:

Single Step: Press push-button A 1 x short
Continuous: Press push-button A 1 x long

How To Use The Stopwatch. Start/Stop/Reset

Note: The crown must be in position 0 and the 4 chronograph hands at precisely zero before the chronograph functions can be used. This must follow the activation of push-button B. If this is not the case, then the positions of the hands need to be adjusted.

How To Measure Accumulated Time

How To Measure Intermediate Time

Invicta watches that feature a chronograph, offer both the style and looks that Invicta is reckognized for as well as stop-watch functionality allowing you to measure you precise time over runs, rides, or any other timed activity.

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