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How to use the new triathlon mode on the Apple Watch

In the WatchOS 9 update, Apple has bolstered its on-device offerings for endurance sports athletes. Among the features added to users’ wrists is a new Multisports fashion. Learn how to use this triathlon-friendly training mode to record your next event right on your Apple Watch.

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To use triathlon mode on your Apple Watch, open the Workout appthen scroll and tap Multisports.


How to use triathlon mode

Apple’s new multisport training mode gives athletes the ability to combine functioningcycling and swimming exercises in one coaching. The Apple Watch will even automatically identify when users switch between activities.

  • Open the Workout app on your Apple Watch.
  • Scroll and press Multisport training. The default multisport training will be triathlon.
  • Alternatively, you can press the More icon (three dots) to choose a different combination of activities or to create a custom multisport workout.

How to Create a Custom Multisport Workout

An Apple Watch SE 2 user personalizes a multisport workout.

Kaitlyn Cimino/Android Authority

As mentioned, users can also create a multisport workout from scratch. If you don’t want to record a full marathon, it’s easy to create and save custom workouts. Choose a unique combination of activities, customize training views, goals and more. Multisport workouts can include any combination of the following activities:

  • outdoor race
  • outdoor bike
  • Open water swimming
  • Indoor race
  • indoor cycling
  • Swimming in the pool

Apple Watch users can create multisport or modified triathlon workouts with just a few taps right on their device.

  • Open the Workout app and scroll to Multisports.
  • Press the More icon (three points).
  • Scroll down and tap Create a workout.
  • Faucet To addthen touch the first activity you want to include.
    • Repeat for each activity you want to include.
    • Once added, press each activity to customize workout views and alerts or rearrange your workout steps.
  • Faucet Untitled under Custom Title, then enter a name for the workout.
  • Faucet Create a workout.

A quirk of this customization is that you cannot create a workout with consecutive indoor and outdoor versions of the same activity. For example, you can create an Outdoor Run, Outdoor Bike, Indoor Run workout, but not Outdoor Run, Indoor Run, Outdoor Bike. Likewise, you cannot add an outdoor cycle immediately after an indoor cycle or a pool swim immediately after an open water swim.

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Apple Watch Ultra offers Precision Start, making it the best option for triathletes and other users participating in races.

Yes. According to Apple, the Apple Watch Ultra offers 36 hours of battery life. This can be extended up to around 60 hours with the device Low power mode.

To delete a multisport workout, tap the More icon (three dots) on the Multisport training sticker. Press the pencil icon next to the workout you want to delete, then scroll down and tap Delete Workout. Faucet Wipe off to confirm.