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How to swim with an Apple Watch and get the best results

Just like with other workouts, Apple Watch is able to measure multiple metrics while users swim, including number of laps and type of strokes.

apple watch is among the most popular smartwatches available worldwide. The latest models of devices come with a sleek display, high-performance chipset, and durable design. Additionally, the smartwatch provides relatively accurate readings of health-related metrics such as heart rate, calories burned, blood oxygen level, and more. Therefore, most users like to wear their Apple Watch for workouts including water activities such as swimming. But there are a few things users should keep in mind to get the best results from their Apple Watch while swimming.

Before taking their Apple Watch into a swimming pool, users should know how waterproof their device is. For example, the Apple Watch Series 2 and models launched after it have a water resistance of 50 meters. Thus, users can swim with these Apple Watch models. However, it is essential to know that even the latest models are not intended for intensive water sports. Also, while an Apple Watch’s water resistance is at its peak when the device is new, it weakens over time.


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On their Apple Watch Series 2 or later, users should open the Workout app and scroll to locate “Pool Swim” or “Open Water Swim”, depending on the activity they want to do. After that, users can tap the three-dot icon to set a time/distance/calorie goal or start the workout, which begins after a three-second countdown. For best results, users swimming in a pool should enter the length of the pool, which helps the Apple Watch accurately measure laps and other metrics. To further optimize their session, users should select the metric they want to display on the watch face, as the Apple Watch locks itself to prevent accidental tapping of water droplets. Additionally, users should ensure that the watch sits firmly on their wrist.

Eject the water from the Apple Watch when you’re done with Simming

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If users take a break from swimming, they must simultaneously press and hold the Digital Crown and side button to pause their workout. Then, to resume, users have to press the same buttons again. After users have finished swimming, they should wipe the screen of the smartwatch and turn the digital crown fully to unlock the screen and eject any water that may have entered the speaker vent (l device makes a sound when it ejects water). This is a crucial step because any residual water in the watch could damage internal components, leading to inaccurate readings or serious damage to the smartwatch. Then they have to swipe right and press the “End” button.

After users complete the workout, the Apple Watch shows them a summary of their session, including total time, distance traveled, calories actively burned, average heart rate, and laps. Users can even check the strokes they used while swimming and their average pace through the Apple Fitness app. Additionally, Apple mentions on the official support page that Pool Swim automatically tracks users’ splits and auto sets, while the Open Water Swim workout only tracks splits. These metrics help a user achieve the best results as they can focus on their weak spots and strengthen them by monitoring through the apple watch.

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