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How to Choose an Apple Watch Band to Match Your Individual Style

The Apple Watch is as much a fashion piece as it is a functional smartwatch, and it can be customized to match the wearer’s individual style.

There are limits to how users can customize a apple watch – the smartwatch has a few colors, sizes and connectivity options – but the watch can be styled endlessly with bands that complement the style of the wearer. Regardless of what a user is looking for, options are available to match any style. Apple Watch straps can be selected at time of purchase or purchased separately in-store or online. This makes it easy to choose the perfect bracelet, create an individual collection, or make changes as the wearer’s style choices grow. Some Apple Watch users will buy one band and stick to it, while others will take one band for every possible mode scenario – but all users can find a band that works best for them.


One of the main advantages of an Apple Watch is the ease with which the bands can be inserted, removed and swapped. The smartwatch uses a band standard that hasn’t been revised since the first Apple Watch was released, making compatibility excellent with any Apple Watch model. There are two sizes, but these will be listed differently depending on the band’s release date. For example, the 38mm, 40mm, and 41mm bands will work with any of these Apple Watch sizes. Likewise, the 42mm, 44mm, and 45mm bands will work with these Apple Watch sizes. Since the shape of the watch has changed, there may be gaps or unused band protrusions depending on the model, but any Apple Watch band will lock in place with any version of the Apple Watch.

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For users who have a fun, sporty style – or who see themselves using their Apple Watch primarily for fitness tracking – a sports band is the way to go. The classic Sports strap is simplistic and available in different colors, so it can be customized to match the style of the wearer. A Solo Loop is made from the same material as the Sport Band but slips over the wrist to wear the Apple Watch like a wristband and maintain the sporty aesthetic. The Nike Sport Bands have holes that offer two-tone finishes for maximum breathability and eye-catching color combinations. But for an even more unique color combination and fashion statement, sports users can buy two sports bands and swap them, resulting in a punchy mix of colors.

Stylish and professional Apple Watch straps

While sporty Apple Watch bands are great for working out — and can be a fun way to match smartwatch style — there are ways to dress up an Apple Watch. The two types of professional and stylish Apple Watch bands are metal and leather, each with different matching styles. Leather straps give the look of a classic watch but also offer color choices apart from grey, black and silver. It’s different from a traditional watch, though – Apple’s leather straps connect with magnets. The company also offers more traditional straps with the Modern Buckle, a strap with a look and feel similar to the leather strap but with a metal clasp. For anyone who tends to dress in business casual attire, leather bands will suit their style perfectly.

Metal bands will match the same casual look but are a more refined and simplistic choice. It will work best for wearers who complement their style with jewelry, as the metal bands can complement silver and gold accent pieces. For example, the Link Bracelet is a traditional metal watch band available in space gray and silver, while the Milanese Loop is a chainmail-style magnetic buckle bracelet. Of course, with any metal bracelet, it is essential to ensure that the bracelet does not scratch the watch when put on and taken off. From colorful and sporty bands to fancy metal and leather options, there are plenty of ways to grab an Apple Watch band to match the style of the wearer.

Source: Apple Watch Studio