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How many lives has the Apple Watch saved?

The Apple Watch’s ECG can alert for atrial fibrillation, but that’s not the only life-saving capability Apple has included in its health-focused watch.

the apple watch is a wearable accessory that saves lives, and it’s not just the ECG function that Apple added a few years ago that makes the difference. Various sensors and capabilities play a role in detecting and alerting the user and possibly emergency services in the event of a problem. Quick action can save lives, and notifications that arrive in advance of or shortly after dangerous events can make a huge difference in the chances of survival.

The standard heart rate sensor is excellent for targeted fitness. But, despite having health apps, the Apple Watch didn’t catch the eye as a health device until Apple gave it ECG (electrocardiogram) capabilities, to starting with the Apple Watch Series 4 in 2018. Suddenly, a consumer electronic device could record advanced medical data. data that usually required a visit to the doctor. Apple continues to add new health features every year, and it makes a difference.


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The Apple Watch has saved countless lives over the years and around the world, with dozens of reports in the US news each year and likely many more unreported. The most recent report from Fox 11 News in Los Angeles describes a brutal fall from an e-bike and the cyclist injured his head with rapid blood loss and was knocked unconscious. The pilot’s Apple Watch detected a hard fall and called 911 emergency services, providing the location. This early, automatic Apple Watch alert might have saved the wearer’s life, and they were released from the hospital a few days later. Apple highlighted vital features of the Apple Watch Series 7 in a recent YouTube video.

Apple Watch saves lives

Apple Watch heart notification and setup screen on iPhone

In 2021, the story of a person trapped in freezing water made headlines. ABC 7 News in New York reported that a person fell through the ice of a frozen pond, struggling for 10 minutes to get out without success. Finally remembering that the Apple Watch could make SOS calls, the wearer called for help and firefighters responded quickly, arriving five minutes later and saving their lives.

KFOR The Oklahoma news covered a rare heart condition that affected a very physically active teenager. When the Apple Watch alerted the wearer to a heart rate of 190 while relaxing in a classroom, he went for a check-up. A diagnosis of supraventricular tachycardia and surgery to correct the problem might have saved the young athlete’s life.

The Apple Watch provides cardio health tracking with ECG and heart rate monitoring. Fall detection and SOS help in case of emergency. Medical ID can help alert someone to allergies and other important health details. Overall, it is clear that a apple watch can save lives and does every year.

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