GPS Sports Watch: The GlobalSat GH-625 a Garmin Forerunner Alternative

·  Built-in SiRF Star III, for high performance GPS accuracy with WAAS/ENGOS support
·  Built-in rechargeable high capacity lithium-ion battery
·  Large LCD for easy reading
·  IPx7 Waterproof, designed to avoid water damage
·  Date-stamped session history storage
·  Upgradeable firmware that can be upgraded through your PC
·  USB auto-detection function add-in
·  Support 60,000 Track-points, 100 Waypoints, 6,000 Laps
·  Navigation. Tracking your route as crumb method; marking and saving your tracking points by a special algorithm; finding specified locations

Over the last decade or so, GPS technology has become more commonplace in the world of consumer electronics.

It was only a matter of time before GPS caught on in the world of sports watches and now athletes are reaping the benefits of the GPS Sports Watch.

GPS became prominent on the sports market and the last few years has seen the emergence of GPS-capable products from all leading sports watch brands.

The Garmin Forerunner GPS watches are almost universally thought of as “THE” GPS watches of choice, but there are other options available which are often quite a lot cheaper than the current model Forerunners.

A lesser known company called GlobalSat offers one such alternative. GlobalSat’s latest GPS watch, the GH-625 comes in two versions, one with heart rate monitor included (GH-625M) and one without a heart rate monitor (GH-625B). This GPS watch features the SiRFstarIII chipset, making the GPS signal strength equivalent to Garmin Forerunner’s watches, which use the same chipset.

The GH-625 is GlobalSat’s third generation GPS watch and replaces the GH-615. It excels over the GH-615 due to a slightly longer battery life and the ability to store up to 6000 laps. A feature runners sorely missed in the GH-615.

The watch comes in a streamlined case, but will not suit smaller wrist types. This watch is big and bulky, more so than the latest Forerunner 405CX, the advantage of this is that it boasts a much larger screen size.

It also supports a top-down map function which the Forerunner 405CX lacks.

Battery life has improved from about 9 hours to 10 with the 3D GPS signal recording every second, heart rate monitor and backlight on. The battery extends to over 20 hours with 2D GPS, HRM off and backlight off. The GPS tracking frequency can also be reduced to conserve power.

This GlobalSat watch can store a vast amount of data including 60,000 tracking points, 100 way points and 6000 laps. Tracking points are used to track your route using a crumb method, marking and saving your route via a special algorithm. Waypoints allow you to mark your current position and later navigate back to this saved waypoint.

This is a handy feature if you are on a trek and wish to flag waypoints that you will return to at a later stage.

The support of lap memory storage, is a huge addition for athletes who wish to record their interval training sessions. The GH-625 maintains a date-stamped history of all training sessions.

GPS Passions have covered the GH-625 with an in-depth review that includes a pictorial comparison of the GH-625 next to the Garmin Forerunner 405. Check it out here. GlobalSat GH-625 vs Forerunner 405.

Comparison Between GH-625 and Garmin Forerunner 305, 310XT & 405CX is same

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