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Get HUGE discounts on Apple Watch 7, Watch 6, Watch SE

Are you looking for a connected watch? Check out these massive discounts available on Apple Watch 7, Apple Watch 6, and Apple Watch SE at Amazon now.

Unfortunately, the Prime Day sale is over! However, even if you’re one of those who missed out on grabbing some of the best deals available at Amazon’s famous sale, know that you still have a chance! There are several offers that you can grab even now. If you’re looking for a smartwatch, you’ll be pleased to find that there are plenty of deals offering discounts, just like the deals previously seen as part of the sale. But you need to hurry, because no one knows how long they will be available in stock with such deep price reductions. Discounts are available on Apple Watch 7, Apple Watch 6, and Apple Watch SE at Amazon. Check out these Apple Watch deals here.

Apple Watch Series 7

Amazon is offering the Apple Watch Series 7 GPS with a 45mm dial in a green aluminum case with a cloverleaf sport strap for just £318. That’s a huge drop in price from its previous high of £369. This means you will be able to save around £51. However, you can also find other variants with different dials and color bands.

Apple Watch Series 6

A massive 44mm dial variant of the Apple Watch Series 6 with GPS connectivity is priced at just £279 on Amazon. You should know that at launch it has a starting price of £379. It means you have a great chance to grab the deal now at an affordable price. However, please note that this is a renewed product. However, this used product has been inspected, tested and cleaned by professionals authorized by Amazon before being delivered to you.

Apple Watch SE series

Apple Watch SE 2021 is available in a 44mm variant with GPS connectivity and an aluminum case with a midnight sports strap at a discounted price of just £218.22 on Amazon. While you can find the silver aluminum case with Abyss Blue Sport Band for £193.49. But you need to hurry if you are planning to buy a new Apple smartwatch because only limited stocks are available for the same.