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Gear4 Sport Watch Band for Apple Watch 2022 REVIEW

gear4 sport watch band for apple watch 2022 REVIEW


The Sport Band from gear4 is a wonderful option for an everyday Apple Watch band. Other than a slight difference in size around the band lug, the design is spot on. The price is more affordable than Apple’s original Sport Loop and there are more color options available. It’s a great band for all occasions.

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  • EASE OF USE 100%

  • THE PRICE 100%

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This watch band can take daily trips with you and stay comfortable all the time.

Since the introduction of the Apple Watch in 2015, it’s been an essential accessory for me. I appreciate it for both fashion and function. One of the ways I’ve kept the “new” feeling is by swapping out my watch straps. Having multiple watch straps allows you to change up your look and have a different style for every occasion.

It gives you the ability to mix and match the strips to create a unique look. There are endless possibilities when it comes to having multiple watch straps – especially with companies like gear4 creating great options like the Sport Watch Band.


The Gear4 Sport Band is designed to be a lightweight and breathable watch band. It mimics the style of Apple’s Sport Loop. The strap is made of durable nylon that contains recycled materials. It is adjustable and strong enough to withstand daily use. Because it’s breathable, it’s comfortable enough to wear for long periods of time. The strap comes with a 2 year warranty and gear4 will replace it if worn or damaged during this period.

The Sport Watch Band is available for the small (41mm-40mm-38mm) or large (45mm-44mm-42mm) Apple Watch and has multiple color options including Black, Forest Green, navy blue, red and yellow. gear4 offers the watch band – in both sizes – for $39.99. Currently, the watchband is only available through gear4 website.

gear4 sports watch strap

User experience

The Sport Band comes in a simple Zagg + gear4 branded box. There’s a cutout on the front so you can see and feel the band – if you happen to grab it off a store shelf. The box provides some of the product details on the front of the box, including the materials, the color that should be in the box, and the size.

When you open the box, the strip is inserted into a cardboard cutout from which you can easily remove it. The insert contains installation instructions in English and Spanish. There is also an illustration that shows how to properly slide the strap lug into the watch body and how to remove it.

gear4 sports watch strap

I had no issues installing the band, but noticed that the fit isn’t as precise as the other band I have from gear4. With this band – the braided watch band – I found that if installed upside down it will look like it won’t fit. With the Sport Band, you really can’t install it upside down. So I know I had it installed correctly.

Other than that little bug in the design, I’m a really big fan of this band. I had the Apple Sport Loop and was excited to add the gear4 option to my collection. Compared with the Apple group, it is almost identical. Even the Velcro has the same shape on both strips. The big advantage of gear4 over the Apple Sport Loops is that Apple no longer offers solid colors in this band. The Apple Band is also more expensive than Gear4’s Sport Band.

gear4 sports watch strap

The Sport Band is very comfortable to wear, even for long periods of time. As I mentioned in my other gear4 braided watch strap review, I spend most of my day sitting behind a keyboard. Therefore, having a comfortable watch band that doesn’t rub my wrist the wrong way is necessary if I want to wear my watch. When this design was originally released by Apple, I knew this would be my go-to option. The gear4 sport band feels secure and the color is noticeable, but not garish. I would buy more from this group in a heartbeat.


Finding a watch strap that is both comfortable and durable can be difficult. Discovering these elements with something that works with many different wardrobe styles is almost a miracle. The Sport Band accomplishes all of these features for me and I would readily recommend it to others.

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