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Garmin jumps on Apple Watch Pro with new Enduro 2 sports smartwatch

As Apple prepares to launch its next Apple Watch, Garmin has just released a new sports-focused smartwatch that could already be cutting Apple’s sails.

The Enduro 2 looks like the kind of watch you want strapped to your wrist for all sorts of adventures. The glasses are made of titanium, which makes it light but extremely resistant, and in GPS mode, its battery can last up to 150 hours. That’s partly thanks to the ability to use solar power to charge the watch.

On top of that, the Enduro 2 has some very advanced race-focused features that a serious athlete or trainer would want at their disposal. Some of these features are:

  • Rhythm adjusted to grace: To help runners keep their pace on different terrain by displaying that the equivalent pace would be on flat ground.
  • Visual Race Predictor: Gives an estimate of the pace of your upcoming runs based on previous data.
  • Auto sleep timer: Records pauses during ultrarunning to track travel time versus time at refueling stations.

All of this isn’t too cheap, however; the Enduro 2 starts at US$1,099, a far cry from the Apple Watch Series 7’s $399 starting price (opens in a new tab).

Is the “Apple Watch Pro” rumor already in trouble?

There’s been a lot of chatter in the rumor mill about Apple offering a few versions of its upcoming Apple Watch Series 8 (opens in a new tab), one of which could be an “Apple Watch Pro”. What exactly does this mean? Well, the running theory is that Apple wants to target extreme sports enthusiasts and professional consumers with a model that offers a bit more.

Nobody knows exactly what the “Pro” will represent in Apple Watch Pro, but one thing is clear; the Apple Watch has plenty of competition if the sports smartwatch space.

Companies like Garmin have been releasing sports-focused smartwatches for years and are way ahead of Apple in terms of battery life, durability, and sports-focused features, primarily running.

We mentioned in our preview of watchOS 9 that Apple is significantly improving fitness tracking with its next software release, but in my opinion that alone is unlikely to turn Garmin users into Apple Watch users with major hardware improvements.

The saving grace of the best Apple Watch (opens in a new tab) has always been how well it connects to everything in the Apple ecosystem and its very robust smartwatch capabilities. So if the Apple Watch Pro can add a decent amount of functionality to its already excellent smartwatch functions, it’s possible it could drive some more sporty consumers away from Garmin. And, if the Apple Watch Pro keeps its price relatively reasonable, it could do a lot for potential consumers in these tough financial times.