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GARMIN Jiaming launches Instinct 2 series of smartwatches

Garmin released the Instinct Series 2 of smart outdoor sports watches, featuring a stylish, high-value long-lasting battery and professional health data monitoring. There are also customized versions such as the wave version and the tactical version for sports enthusiasts. The starting price starts at 2880 yuan and will go on sale on February 11.

Instinct 2 is equipped with all-weather health data monitoring, advanced sleep monitoring, pulse oximetry, stress tracking and other functions. For female users, it also supports menstrual cycle and pregnancy management, helping to record physical and psychological changes. Instinct 2 also adds features such as health reports and fitness tips, and supports data logging such as VO2 max, body age, training status/load/l effect, etc. Plus, Instinct 2’s new event monitoring feature lets family and friends track fitness activity via text. When an accident occurs, emergency contacts can be notified as soon as possible.

In addition to professional health monitoring, the Instinct 2 series also offers two special customized versions for niche enthusiasts: the wave version and the tactical version. The wave version focuses on monitoring water sports modes such as surfing and sailing. Surf mode supports tracking times, time, total time, max speed, etc. The Wave edition is available in Instinct 2 Reef Black and Instinct 2S Spray White in two sun styles.

Based on the solar sport version, the tactical version 2 added practical tactical functions, such as kill switch function to permanently delete data, stealth mode, night vision mode, dual coordinate display and mode. skydiving. The entire watch is designed in black, continuing the classic tactical style.

On the autonomy side, the Instinct 2 can last 4 weeks without interruption in intelligent mode. The Instinct 2 solar version supports solar charging. Officially, the 45mm watch face can sustain unlimited battery life in lighting conditions of 50,000 illuminations for three hours a day in smart mode.

The Instinct 2 series, like other Garmin outdoor sports watches, supports downloading free watch faces, widgets, data fields and other apps through the Garmin Connect IQ online store. This watch also supports Alipay, WeChat and NFC bus card payment functions.

The Garmin Instinct 2 series is available in 45mm Instinct 2 and 40mm Instinct 2S in two sizes. The colors are Aurora Green, Flame Red and Lake Green. There is a wave version, a tactical version, a solar version and a non-solar version. The starting price is 2880 yuan and it will be officially released on February 11.

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