Smart watches

G-SHOCK launches new GA-B2100 smartwatches

The latest version of G-SHOCK comes in the form of five new watches each equipped with Smartphone Link connectivity. The GA-B2100 series are the first watches in the brand’s octagonal 2100 line to come complete with Bluetooth and solar charging capabilities.

The GA-2100 model was first released in 2019 as a contemporary iteration of G-SHOCK’s very first silhouette: the DW-5000C and has grown in prominence over the years, especially with young consumers of the brand. As a result, the new B2100 series has been redesigned for convenience, offering more accurate timing and longer battery life. The watches also feature a “Tough Solar” charging system that converts light from fluorescent lamps and other external sources to power the watch. As G-SHOCK’s thinnest model to date, the GA-B2100 also includes Find Phone technology, which prompts your phone to ring when needed, even if it’s on silent.

The new models also benefit from an optimized layout of components on the watch face to ensure a compact look and are made from carbon fiber reinforced resin cases to provide G-SHOCK’s signature impact resistance. Available in yellow, black, green, gray and blue, each watch features a double-layered dial and comes with a sleek metallic finish on the watch face ring.

The new GA-B2100 watches are available on the G-SHOCK website. Find out more about this week’s new releases in the BAE newsletter.