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Expect Apple Watch Pro to sport a 47mm display

A new high-end Apple Watch Pro that would arrive in 2022 will have a flat screen and a titanium body.
Concept: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

A critical detail has been leaked about Apple’s next wearable designed for serious athletes. The new high-end Apple Watch will have a 47mm screen, according to a new report out of Asia.

This will make it the largest version of Apple’s wrist computer to date.

Apple Watch Pro will be big

Many people wear an Apple Watch for health and fitness, and Apple would have gone all out with a model designed for hardcore athletes. Leaks indicate that Apple will call it Explorer Edition or Pro.

The first report that the laptop will have an extra-large screen surfaced in July, but the exact dimensions remained a mystery. Then on Saturday, we learned that the display would be 47 mm, according to MacOtokara. Currently, the largest Apple Watch has a 45mm screen.

A previous report said the resolution would be around 410 pixels by 502 pixels. For reference, the current 45mm model has a resolution of 396 x 484 pixels. Anyone who keeps track of their workout progress can appreciate more screen real estate.

Other Top Drawer Features of the New Laptop

MacOtokara also reported, “The all-new Apple Watch design will have a flat screen in a metal body like the iPhone 13 Pro.” The screens of the current versions have rounded edges.

Apple’s device will supposedly be made of titanium to be sturdier, and the bigger screen will make room for a larger battery for longer workouts. It will surely have Apple’s latest S8 processor for watches, as well as the new body temperature sensor that would also come to Apple Watch Series 8.

A price has yet to be disclosed, but the Series 7 titanium versions start at $799. This one could be even more.

Apple Watch Explorer Edition (or Pro or whatever it’s called) will almost certainly debut at Apple’s product launch event on September 7th.