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Easter Sale: Get 20% off all Bucardo Apple Watch accessories

If you’re looking for some cool Apple Watch accessories, there’s no better time or place than now in the Cult of Mac Store to get great deals on Bucardo equipment.

Bucardo-branded Apple Watch accessories, like a variety of sports bands as well as charm necklaces and pocket watch cases for the Apple Watch, are all on sale through April at 20% off until the 19th. april.

Easter Sale: 20% off Bucardo Apple Watch accessories until April 19

To see the variety of Apple Watch accessories from Bucardo that you can get 20% off until April 19, just check the sale.

Some of the main items on sale are a nice collection of Apple Watch sports bands in different colors and materials for all Apple Watch series.

Meanwhile, there are gems like beautiful necklaces that let you place your Apple Watch around your neck instead of on your wrist.

And Apple Watch pocket watch cases are a nice option, though they’re limited to Apple Watches Series 6 and below, not Series 7.

Bucardo Sport Band for Apple Watch

The Cult of Mac store is currently offering seven different Bucardo Sport Bands for the Apple Watch for $20 off, down to $31.20 from $39.

You can choose from items like the Bucardo Retro Sport Strap (pictured above), which features a wide, sweatband-style band of performance fabric. This makes it both comfortable, stylish and suitable for sports activities. You can find others with different looks, like geometric or camouflage patterns.

You can read more about Bucardo sports bands in cult of macthe exam.

Price: $39 $31.20

Or buy: Mac Store Cult

Since when do you have to wear an Apple Watch on your wrist?
Photo: Bucardo

Apple Watch necklaces with Bucardo charm

If you’re looking for a whole new way to carry your Apple Watch, you can try a necklace. The Bucardo Charm Apple Watch necklace is available in a variety of stylish looks. And each of the 12 different necklaces is reduced from $29 to $23.20.

Options include silver or gold colored necklaces with different designs hanging below the Apple Watch, such as tassels, horseshoes, pendulums and more.

Price: $29 $23.20

Or buy: Mac Store Cult

Your Apple Watch can even be a pocket watch.
Your Apple Watch can even be a pocket watch.
Photo: Bucardo

Bucardo Apple Watch pocket watch

Finally, if you want to try a really unusual accessory for your Apple Watch, Bucardo has versions of a pocket watch case you can carry the wearable in – complete with a nice chain.

A premium version in gold, silver, or matte black stripes went from $150 to $120 (Apple Watch Series 4, 5, 6, and SE only).