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Chart your own path with an Apple Watch Juuk Vitero strap

Juuk manufactures steel and aluminum Apple Watch Vitero straps in Hong Kong, supplying them to several high-end Swiss watch brands. But you can get one – or more – directly from the Cult of Mac Store.

The bands in the Juuk Vitero collection feature a strong sense of style and a variety of interesting colors.

Juuk Vitero Bands for Apple Watch

Juuk Vitero bands for Apple Watch are available in stainless steel and aluminum and in a variety of vibrant colors. See the six groups of the collection.

Juuk Vitero Aluminum

This is one of the most unique bands you’re likely to see (pictured above).

Wearing this one tells people you’re not among the crowd, but beyond,” Juuk said of this style. “You are not a follower but a trailblazer blazing your own trail. You do things your own way, and this band shows your true colors.

But this Vitero does not favor style over substance. Juuk has put a lot of engineering work into making it comfortable to wear and fitting your wrist well.

Inspired by vintage sports cars with racing stripes and sports car tire tread patterns, the creation incorporates a very aggressive “Y” link design and a fun pop of color. You can choose from nine colors.

The strap uses 6000 series hard anodized two-tone aluminum.

Price: $119

Or buy: Mac Store Cult

This one sports a more subtle look, but it’s still classy.
Photo: Juuk

Apple Watch strap Juuk Vitero granite

Inspired by racing cars, Juuk’s Vitero Granite Apple Watch strap has a distinctive look and feel.

Vitero bands are milled from 6000 series aluminum; a high-grade hard-anodized alloy that’s as light and durable as the Apple Watch itself.

This Vitero features tapered links designed to bend smoothly around your wrist. Due to its unique Y-shape, the band is much more flexible than it looks. It fits all generations of Apple Watch.

All bracelets come with a tool to easily remove the links.

Size: The 38/40mm version fits wrists up to 189mm (7.44 inches), while the 42/44mm size fits wrists up to 217mm (8.54 inches).

Unlike the group above, this one comes in just one color scheme, gray (or granite, as it’s called). But Juuk also makes a silver and one silver with a band.

Price: $149

Or buy: Mac Store Cult