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Best Muslim Smartwatches for Men – Qibla Watch

“The best Muslim smartwatch for men”

(The Qibla Watch is the perfect smartwatch for men. It comes with many useful features that increase the value of the watch.)

Introducing the Qibla Watch, a smart watch specially designed for Muslims! Equipped with a number of useful functions, this smartwatch is designed to ensure that the user does everything on schedule and on time.

Popular for being the world’s first Qibla smartwatch for Muslims or The best muslim smartwatch for menexploring some of its many features explains the enormous popularity of the watch.

Available with Qibla compass:

This is a particularity of the watch. No matter where the user moves, the watch shows the direction of Kaaba. This is possible because it has built-in GPS and an accurate Qibla compass. This is one of the most appreciated features of the watch.

Reminders of prayer times:

Often in their hectic and hectic schedule, people tend to lose track of the exact time. This can cause difficulties if for some reason a person misses a prayer time. This specially designed smart bracelet or watch does not let the user forget anything. The watch displays prayer times according to the user’s location and time zone. It informs the user of the timing and starts vibrating when it’s time. Thus, the user never misses the prayer time and is reminded in time.

Tasbih Smart Meter:

With this special watch, the user can do the daily Tasbih count at any time and quite easily. The user just needs to tap the watch screen for the count to start. The watch vibrates when the count reaches 33, 66, 99 or even 100.

The Islamic calendar:

It may not always be easy to get an Islamic calendar all the time. This smartwatch makes it easy. It contains the complete Muslim Hijri calendar as well as the Gregorian calendar. That’s not all, it ensures that all holy dates are displayed, including Eid-al-Adha and Eid al-Fitr.

Health and fitness monitoring:

Nowadays, people are very health conscious and like to keep up to date with their health condition. This special smartwatch cum digital alarm clock made this possible because the Qibla watch can monitor heart rate. It immediately notifies the user if any abnormality is noticed in the heart rate.

About iQibla:

iQibla is the online store that offers some of the best smartwatches designed for Muslims. These are extremely functional watches available with many features.

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