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Best Apple Watch bands for Series 8 and Ultra

Following the revelations at Apple Far event earlier this month, the new Apple Watch Series 8 and Apple Watch Ultra wearables are now available for purchase. While Apple offers more band customization options than ever before, being able to mix looks and style with more affordable alternatives can go a long way. So we’re rounding up all the best Apple Watch band recommendations for Series 8 and Ultra Models from just $5.

apple watch Series 8 arrives with the same size brackets as previous generations. There are always the same Screen sizes 41mm and 45mm as before, which means all your existing bands will work with the latest portable devices. It also opens up the latest Apple to work with the widest selection of bands to date, including official and third-party styles.

Starting with Apple’s official Series 8 watch bands

Before we dive into all the more affordable deals on the market, it’s a good idea to see what Apple is bringing to the table for its 8-series wearables. This year has seen quite a few new styles arrive before the new wearable, making it one of the most extensive collections on the market. There are five main offerings in the range, starting with the classic sports bands.

These popular deals are likely the ones that will come with your Apple Watch Series 8 out of the box, but there are also plenty of different styles to mix and match. Available in both silicone and nylon offeringsApple Watch straps – priced at at $49 each – offer many different colors to match the style of the new Apple Watch you have chosen. There are also more unique accessories in the collection like (Product)RED, Nike+ Editions and Pride groups. And do not forget appple’s new solo loops.

Those willing to pay a little more can bring home an even more premium look to their Apple Watch Series 8. Available in three colors – including black, Meyer Lemon, and more – the $99 Leather Link Bands have unique designs that match the premium materials expected to complement your wearable. At this same rate, the unique milanese curls at $99 in the color you choose and replace the leather with a heavier, sleeker metal strap with magnetic adjustment.

And, if you want an even sleeker build, the Link Bracelet is as premium as Apple with an adjustable build that comes in black or silver. Bring the unique stainless steel construction with custom butterfly closure to your Apple Watch Series 8 will cost you $449.

Sports wristbands offer the best value for money

As is the case year after year, Apple Watch sport bands remain the best value in the space. Not only are they the most affordable form factor thanks to the silicone constructions, but they are also ideal for everyday wear and nighttime use with comfortable designs. You will find the prices from $5including everything from your typical design that’s been with the Apple Watch since day one to recreations of the Solo Loop and even more fitness-worthy styles that mimic the Nike+ shape.

Next to more entry-level offers which are available in droves on Amazon, many well-known brands have delivered their own version of the sports band. A personal favorite is nomadic sports bandswhich have recently been updated in several new colors to accompany the Apple Watch Series 8.

These are comprised of an FKM fluoroelastomer rubber and are coated with a microtexture layer to match the unique notched design. There’s also an aluminum pin lock system that’s just as high-end as Apple’s in-house alternatives. Although not as affordable as some of the lesser known brands, the price of $59.95 is an easy recommendation.

Speaking of Nomad, the brand also makes our favorite Apple Watch Series 8 band on the sleeker front of a metal link offer. Apple’s own models have long been among the worst offenders when it comes to high prices, which is where Nomad’s metal bands come in. Available in stainless steel and titanium offersthey are just as high-end as the clothes they pair with.

In addition to being able to choose which material, silver and black colorways are available on either offering. Each has a redesigned magnetic clasp as well as an adjustable link design. The $149.95 starting price are certainly higher than other bands on the market, but will still allow you to improve the appearance of your laptop at a more modest price than Apple’s in-house offerings. Our hands-on review provides additional information.

If you’d rather just go with a more affordable offer to pair with your Apple Watch Series 8, Amazon has the whole selection for you. With price less than $20you will find different styles and colors available.

Our Favorite Leather Styles

There are two schools of thought for those trying to escape Apple’s more expensive Series 8 leather watch straps. The best budget 8-series option is coming nearly 15 different colors for $13including more traditional shades like brown, black and gray. There are also more unique offerings like blue, red and pink. Of course, along with an affordable price, there are equally inexpensive materials, which may not stand the test of time. But overall, the ratings are solid here.

Moving to more premium offerings brings us to third-party manufacturers like Pad and Feather. They have been offering quality options made from premium materials for quite some time. with prices starting at $80 through several different styles. So whether you’re looking for something more unique like the Lowry Cuff or basic like Pilot bandPad & Quill has you covered.

Of course, other veterans in this category have you covered too with their mix of high-end styles and affordable prices. Nomad also has a nice selection of leather bracelets which we featured in another Tested with 9to5Toys review in the past.

Apple Watch Ultra bands offer sturdier builds


Apple also just introduced a new high-end wearable aimed at more rugged applications. The new Apple Watch Ultra arrives as the largest wearable yet thanks to a 49 mm case, but it still manages to support the same bands as other latest portable devices. The smaller 41mm sizes above will not fit, but all 45mm bands above will fit perfectly.

Apple at launch has three different form factors of internal bands to start with, the most unique falling easily at the Ocean Band. This $99 offer is available in three different colors and features a unique molded design that adjusts with a titanium buckle. It lives up to its name with a design made for water sports, but also complements the rugged look of the Ultra with yellow, midnight and white colorways.

Also at the price of $99Apple Watch Ultra Trail Loop comes in three different colors and takes advantage of a double-layered nylon weave for an ultra-adjustable design. The built-in tab allows you to quickly adjust the velcro on the fly and should make this one of the most comfortable options in the official tape range. And, taking a similar path to this latest model, the new alpine loop also uses a fabric design but with a titanium G-hook that helps keep things secure on your wrist. It’s not as adjustable as the Trail Loop but has an even more distinct design in one of three colorways. the price of $99.

Although not made directly by Apple, Nomad offers some of the best bands on the market, and the deals offered for the Apple Watch Ultra are no exception. Just released earlier in September, the new Sport Strap features a slick orange design that combines rugged construction with lightweight FKM fluoroelastomer rubber with molded interior ventilation channels.

There are also much more affordable versions of the Apple Watch Ultra bands, like this one Alpine Loop style model for $18 at Amazon. It’s available in one of four colors and appears to mimic the design of the official model, but without the same attention to detail. There is also that even more affordable Ocean style band that sells for $11 on Amazon and comes in 10 different styles. It surely won’t be as well done as Apple’s house styles, but the savings could very well speak for themselves.

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