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Apple will offer a range of extreme sports style bands for the Apple Watch Pro

With the imminent arrival of the fitness-focused Apple Watch “Pro” model headlining the upcoming Series 8 lineup, Apple is poised to offer customers a wide range of new bands for the larger device. who will play in the theme of extreme sports, according to Bloombergit is Marc Gurman.

It wouldn’t be the first time that Apple has offered straps for a specific Apple Watch model – the company already sells a variety of special straps for its line of Hermès smartwatches. Apple also creates unique sport-style watch bands for its Nike Edition models, although they are also compatible with other Apple Watch models.

While customers who opt for the ‌Apple Watch Pro‌ will also have a variety of bands to choose from, it’s not yet clear what form the bands will take. Gurman has previously said bands designed for older Apple Watch models will fit, albeit imperfectly, implying that the new bands will have an updated connection style.

A number of third-party chassis cases have already emerged based on leaked ‌Apple Watch Pro‌ design details, and some appear to be available as a unified case and band combo. Again, it’s unclear if this all-in-one styling will be something Apple itself offers, but it could play into the rugged or “explorer” look preferred by some trail runners and hikers.

sonny dickson apple watch pro buttons

Third-party ‌Apple Watch Pro‌ case and strap combo (Image Credit: Sonny Dickson)

Gurman also said to expect “fairly information-dense” watch faces for the larger 49mm Pro models that will allow athletes to view a wider range of fitness and health metrics than other Apple models. Watch does allow.

In addition to a larger flat screen, the ‌Apple Watch Pro‌ will have an additional new button of unknown functionality on the left side of the screen, while the Digital Crown and side button on the right side will be more prominent in a new housing that protrudes from the body. Whether that’s to make the controls more accessible or to make way for the larger internal battery, we don’t know.

Like the other models in the new Series 8 line, the Pro device is expected to offer faster performance and a new body temperature sensor, but it’s likely to be significantly more expensive and can cost around $900 or $1,000. The devices are expected to be announced at Apple’s “Far Out” media event on Wednesday alongside a new Apple Watch SE, iPhone 14 series and AirPods Pro 2.