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Apple Watch Workout improves performance for elite swimmers

Apple Watch Workout managed to extend its workout limits beyond everyday useOn this occasion, the Australian national swimming team, The Dolphins, celebrates its most successful period in history and thanks its results for the support of the Apple Watch in conjunction with the iPad.

iPad and Apple Watch training metrics could be important in professional swimming

In recent months, Australian Dolphins have taken advantage of the sensors and tracking features built into the Apple Watch Workout to track the health and performance status of their athletes. Tracking in pools and open water provides important data for designing training plans with better results.

Similarly, Australian coaches have built these metrics with support for iPad and other apps. A more sophisticated training ecosystemThe latter provides real-time analysis of every activity and adds a new level of visual feedback for athletes.

“The iPad has become an essential training tool. This allows us to quickly access athlete health data and race footage from anywhere.

Jess Corons, Head of Performance Solutions at Swimming Australia.

Elite swimmers bet on the Apple Watch

Australian swimming world record holder Zac Stubblety-Cook uses real-time information from the Apple Watch to monitor his training load. So, Able to prevent overtraining and ensure maximum recovery,

“Being able to accurately measure my heart rate between sets has been a really valuable data point for me and my trainer to understand how well I’m responding to training.”

Zac Stubblety-Cook, Australian gold medalist swimmer.

On the other hand, the gold medalist, Katja Dedekind, Assess a complete picture of your overall business Q Brinda Apple Watch WorkoutAccording to the athlete, this tool “takes all the guesswork out of training preparation and is much more accurate than manual data entry.”

New Apple Watch Workout technology will continue to be instrumental in preparing Australian athletes for the 2024 World Championships in Paris. Expected in late 2022, watchOS 9 will introduce new swimming enhancements that will take the sport to a whole new level.

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